One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


40. Errr...Hey Georgie?

Harry's POV
The first day of the tour we didn't really do much. The tour was going to kick off in 2 days time so now we were just practicing and getting ready. Today was probably out most boring day as we had NOTHING to do! After the other boys finally woke up and they all called their girlfriends we decided to get some breakfast in town. On the way we were mobbed by fans and when we finally got out of the crowds we found a nice looking cafe on a high street. It wasn't that quiet but they managed to get us a table of 5. It was weird. It was 5 of us again, instead of 8! We had spent so much time with Chloe,Connie and Emma it was odd without them!
We were waiting for a waitress to take our order and I was staring into space daydreaming when I girl that looked like Connie walked past the window. I looked at her more carefully and realised it was Georgie! How weird how we were in the same place same time as her!! Out of all of America!!! She walked straight past not even noticing me waving!
After breakfast we went shopping but no one really brought anything. Zayn brought some hair cream or Moses or something. But nothing else. We went into WHsmith, because according to Liam they have a whole one direction section and he wanted to show us it. As we walked in I saw Georgie again! She was looking at some pens.
"Georgie!" I called out.
"Hey!" She said back. "I knew you guys were in America! But weird?!" She said.
"Yeah I saw you walk past a cafe earlier?" I half asked half stated.
"Oh if you guys had waved I would of seen you!" I was about to point out I had been waving, but I thought better of it. She hang out with us for the rest of the 'shopping' trip and then came back to our apartment.
"Nice place!" She said walking from room to room, "It's like bigger than my whole house and this is just for a holiday for you guys!"
"Come on!"said Louis,"Once your done! LETS PLAY DARES!!!!" We all sat around the floor in a circle and played dares. We went round taking turns. Niall, then Liam, then Louis, then Georgie.
"Ok!" She Louis,"This should be good!" She gave a smirk and evil smirk. "I dare out with Harry!" Georgie looked a bit shocked but tried to keep her cool.
"Err...I am not going to make out with my cousins boyfriend!" She said,"no offence Harry!"
"None taken!" I replied.
"CHICKEN!!!!!!" Louis shouted. Zayn, Liam and Niall joined it too! Finally after a while Georgie leaned into me and I must if looked really worried because she whispered: "don't worry! It's ok!" She peaked me on the check and I was relived!
"Come on!" Said Louis,"You call that a are out?!?!!!!" He said. He grabbed Niall's head and pulled it onto the floor with him. He did the thing were you put your faces together and cover your arms over your faces. They both sat back up again. "Now that's what I call a make out!" Georgie laughed and then said she had to go back to her cousins house.
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