One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


14. Emma and Nial

Emma's POV
I guess Nial asking me to come bowling with him was kind of a date. But I didn't mind as he was really good looking and funny and had a cute Irish accent! When we got to the bowling alley it was fairly empty, Nial paided for us both to go in. I was terrible at bowling! Unlike Nial who was amazing! After one game, the scores were: Nial- 86 Emma- 24. Me and Nial went to go and get some drink afterwards, he rock my hand and we found the vendin-machine, he brought a can of coke and ask the lady in the cafe for to straws. We sat by our bowling alley with the coke and I saw people pointing and staring. Nial saw this too. "Come on!" He said,"Lets give them something to get excited about," I looked puzzled, but then he planted a long passionate kiss on my lips. I could hear people screaming and saying "Look!" "OMG!" When we had finished, crowds of desprate girls started screaming at Nial for cheating of them! Nial looked extremely confused, grabbed my hand and we left. About 3 very desprate girls followed us into the carpark when luckily they didn't follow us after that. The kiss felt amazing, I was still tingling.

Nials's POV
I went bowling with Emma tonight, I guess it was me kind of asking her out, I hope she got that that was what I was going for! We played a game and there is no nice way to put this...SHE WAS RUBBISH! At least she is still beautiful and funny and everything! I think I'm in love with her! Anyway, there were these fans staring at us and I really wanted to kiss Emma but I couldn't work up the courage. So I discussed the kiss to pretend I was showing off to the fans. I think she could tell I meant it though.
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