One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


32. Early morning

Harry's POV
I woke up at 5am. It s bright outside as we hadn't got round to closing the blinds, and the sun was shinning though. Chloe was beside me, asleep. She was facing me and was close enough that I could taste her sweet breathe.
"Chloe,"I whispered, nudging her gently,"wake up," I nudge her again. She rolled over and groaned.
"I don't want to get up just yet!" She said, her back still facing me. "What time is it, Harold?" She asked, still half asleep.
"5am," I said, outlining the bones in her back with my fingers.
"Why the hell did you wake me up you twat!" She said.
"As I told Alan. Your just so kissable!" She rolled over and we got closer. Our foreheads were now touching. I closed my eyes and tilted my head. She placed her finger on my mouth.
"Wait! Morning breathe!" She ran into the bathroom only wearing her underwear and brushed her teeth. She came back out 30 seconds later in a robe and sat back down.
"Now Chloe,"I said, looking cross at her,"you have to brush your teeth for two minutes, not 30 seconds!" She moaned and walked back into the bathroom. She hated it when I told her what to do. She was trying to talk to me with her tooth brush in her mouth and I couldn't understand a word she was saying, so I occainsionly went:"yep!" "Uh-ha!" She came back out and out under the covers.
"What do you want for Christmas?" I asked.
"Harry? It's September!" She replied.
"Ok?! What do YOU want for Christmas!?" She asked.
"I want you to take that robe off!" I said cheekily," and that kiss!" Without waiting for her response I kiss her, long, hard and passionate. Her arms hooked behind my neck. And my hands went down her back pulling her robe down. She pulled away and put the robe back onto her shoulders.
"You happy?" She asked.
"Very!" I said staring at her.
"Good! Now leave me to sleep!" She rolled over so her back was facing me. After 5 minutes she turned around, I was still in the same position staring at her. She crashed another passionate kiss onto my lips.
"What was that for?" I asked, seeing as she wanted to be left to sleep 6 minutes ago.
"Fine! If you don't want my kisses.." She said rolling over again.
"I didn't say that!" I pulled her shoulder around so she was facing me.
"We'll we are awake now! We might as well get up!" She said, "and I have nothing better to do at 5:12 IN THE MORNING!!" She got a pillow and chucked it at my face before going into the bathroom to take a shower. Luckily our bathroom didn't have a lock, so after 2 minutes I creeped into the bathroom with her.
"HARRY! GET OUT!" She said, whilst putting shampoo in her hair.
"But I love you, so much!" I said, kissing her again.
"Ok! You can share you love with me after I have washed my hair!" She said pushing me out of the shower. I sat in the bath and watched her. We had a walk in shower so there was no door to hide behind! After she washed her conditioner out, I jumped back in the shower with her.
"HARRY!" She said annoyed, although she accepted my kiss.
"Your finished washing your hair!" I said and continued kissing her neck. The warm water was running down both of our backs and Chloe reached out for the body wash which she squished down my chest. I stopped kissing her and stepped back so she missed me when she next shot the body wash my way! She grabbed the shampoo and I stepped back even further.
"Come on Mr styles! You need a wash!" I kissed her again my hands around her waist, her hands squishing shampoo all over my head.
After our long shower we both stepped out into the cold bathroom. There was one towel sitting alone on the towel rack. Chloe must have seen this too, as she reached out and grabbed it.
"Hey! You just expect me to stand her a drip. All cold, all wet,"I gave her the puppy dog eyes. She opened up the towel and we both bundle in it. She hooked it over my shoulders. And kissed me on the check before running into the bedroom with the towel. I ran after her naked and jumped on to her. I forgot that all the other guys have our house key, incase we forgot ours. And Louis walked in at that exact moment.
"GOD, GUYS!" He shouted. Connie walked in as well, "oh.." She said.
"This is not what it looks like," I started.
"Umm...mate! If you haven't noticed you are both lying on a bed naked!" Replied Louis.
"Ok so it is what it looks like, but so what?!?" I said.
"Ok, but we gotta go come on! We got book signing today!" Louis said, he was about to pull me off chloe, and then thought better of it!
"What time is is?" Chloe asked.
"Like half seven, but it's a long journey!" Connie said leaving the room so we could get dressed. I looked at Chloe and she laughed.
"We were in the shower for like 2 and a half hours!" She said looking shocked.
"Man! That's gonna be some water bill!" Louis said, I forgot he was still there! We both looked at him.
"Ok I will shut up!" He said, we looked at him again. "And I will lave!" He said.
Me and Chloe got dressed and we drove to the book signing with Connie and Louis.
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