One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


28. Dip, dive and LOVE!

Connie's P.O.V

Mmmmmm..... I woke up to a big passionate kiss from Louis who had been lying next to me for who knows how long waiting for me to wake up!

"My Carrot Princess would you like some bacon butties!?" He asked in his oh so sexy morning voice.

"Um, the question is who would'nt want them!?" I said with my famous little giggle afterwards! I hooked my arms round his neck and leaned in for another kiss when he jumped off the bed heading towards the kitchen leaving me hanging from thin air! *Sigh*

"Awww, what is it babe?" Louis asked.

"I hate you!" I said whilst jumping off the bed and running into the bathroom to have a shower, I locked the afterwards so he couldn't get in!

*Five minutes later*

After having a lovely cold refreshing shower to wake up I got into my favourite outfit. It is my favourite jumper, my favourite jeans, shoes and moustache acceorise's! 

(Authors Note- Do this and you can see her outfit!!!!!!!!!!)

I creeped up behind Louis who was sitting at the table fiddling with a bacon buttie. 

"RAWR!" I said pouncing on him from behind.

"Ahhhh!" He said dropping his bacon buttie and jumping up from his chair whilst I grabbed his waist.

"Hey! You scared me!" Louis said while spinning round and pulling a pouty face making me feel sad.

"Awwww, babe i'm sorry!" I said and pulled him in for a huge big kiss! We stayed interlocked for a while then he pulled away!

"Would you care for any of my delicious bacon butties?" He asked as he pulled the chair out for me.

"Awww thank you my Carrot Prince!" I sat down and enjoyed my high calorie breakfast.

Afterwards we decided to call up all of the boys, and girls to meet up and go swimming for the day. we decided to meet up at half past eleven. I got changed into my best red swimming suit and Louis changed into his red knee-high trunks. We looked like a proper couple in all our red! It turns out Emma and Niall had both green swimming gear on and Chloe and Harry both had blue swimming gear as well! They took us to a big swimming pool that had about five slides and three huge big pools (one with a wave machine!) and four different hot tubs all round the place! Only a few other people were here so we had nearly the whole place to our selves! I ran into the changing rooms and stripped into my costume and soon enough I was in the gorgeous blue pool! It was so peaceful and quiet, I should of touched wood on that thought because soon enough Louis had jumped into the pool completely clothed! Hehe is such a cute idiot! But then again that's why I love him! I swam up to him and hugged him under water. I swam about for a bit then I noticed Louis wasn't around, he must of been getting into his trunks! I saw Emma and Chloe relaxing in a hot tub near by so I decided to go over and relax with them. 

It was so nice sitting in the bubbles with Chloe and Emma, I just sat there thinking about how lucky I am and how so many girls would kill to be in my place! I was off in Lala Land when I heard footsteps from behind me. Then someone pulled me up from behind! 

"Ahhhhhhhhh" I screamed out pulling back on the person pulling me out of the hot tub. I just heard them laugh at me and carry on walking with me in their arms. I looked up and there was Louis smiling his smug little smile. I looked back to where we were going and saw he was heading to the deep end of the pool. OH DEAR GOD! I said inside my head, I knew for a facet something bad was going to happen.

"I never admit defeat!" Louis said smugly. Before I knew it he had jumped into the pool with me in his arms! Before I could take a breath we were under! I kicked out of his arms and quickly swam to the surface. I was laughing though and soon enough Louis's face pooped up and he was laughing as well! I swam over to where he was and put my arms around his neck.

"Oh Payback is a sweet thing." He said whilst pushing his face closer to mine. I slowly started sinking down toward the bottom of the pool and Louis wasn't to far behind. When we got to the bottom I knew Louis was expecting a kiss, but as he said, payback is sweet! He leaned in closer to me but I decided to twist away, just out of his reach. I carried on paying this game going up for breaths every so often in till I could tell he was going to give up. That's when I swam up to him and hooked my legs around his waist and leaned into the kiss. It was long and passionate. His tongue came to my closed lips and asked for permission to enter, and of course I excepted. We stayed interlocked in the kiss for awhile. Then as we pulled out for breath and swam up for air. I saw Harry and Chloe swimming towards us. 

"Hey love bugs we need to go it's almost closing time, were all going too Niall and Emma's. You guys wanna come?" Chloe asked.

"Yeah sure, lets go" I said and we all swam over to the side, got out and got changed in to our clothes. Then we got a doughnut and and hot chocolate and left for Niall and Emma's! We really need to come back here so I can check out all the slides!    


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