One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


39. Day 1

Emma POV
Day 1 was horrible with out Niall. For one I woke up on an uncomfortable air bed and I felt all alone. Chloe and connie were still fast asleep, so I decided to take a shower. Connie and Louis have one of those senser showers were you have to swip your hands across and it turns on. I didn't know this though. So for about 10 minutes I was trying to work it out!
When I finally came out Connie was lying awake in her bed whilst Chloe was till fast asleep. I got dressed into my blue jeans and I put on my hoodie that said I love Niall on the back.

Connie's POV
This morning I woke up and their was a body next to me. I thought it was Louis's for a sec and I leaned in the kiss him. As I turned him around I discovered it was Chloe and then I remembered the boys were of partying in America.
I got up and had a cold shower to wake me up. As I was getting dressed me and Emma decided that Chloe had had enough sleep and we walked over to the bed. "3-2-1!" Emma whispered. We both jumped on her and shouted right in her ear: "GET UP!!!!" Chloe moaned and turned over so she was on her front. "Come on Chloe it's 10 to 11!"
"What?!?! 10 to 11? That means its like.....umm.....10 to 6!" She ran around the room trying to find her phone. When she eventually found it she dialled Harry's number.
"Chloe they won't be up yet!" I said whilst putting my wet hair into a towel. She ignored me and held the phone to her ear. Moments later she started talking.
"Hey Babe!"
"Aww shouldn't sleep without me?"
"I miss you!"
"No I miss you more!"
"No I miss YOU more!" I sighed as I heard her and Harry having there own mini war.
"Ha! That's so like Louis!"
"What's like Louis?!" I said grabbing the phone. "Connie's it MY phone," she said whilst grabbing it back.
"Sorry! Connie just grabbed my phone!"
"Awkward everyone asleep now?"
"Ha cool, I gotta go! Call me later when some news happens!"
"We'll ill probably find out about it in magazines anyway, but I want to know every detail!"
"Ok will do! Byeeee!!!"
"What's so like Louis?" I asked again.
"Oh this morning, she screamed really loudly for no apparent reason and everyone woke up. Then they were having a massive pillow fight. And someone came in and told them to keep the noise now! They are all asleep now apart from Harry. He said he would get Naill and Louis to phone you guys once they wake up! Oh and he says hi!" She said.
"We'll hi back to him!" Emma said.
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