One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


35. Cousin

Chloe's POV
We had been waiting outside the cinema for 20 minutes waiting for Connie and Louis. They were never normally late, it was normally me and Harry!!! The film had probably already started, yet we were all good friends and we waited outside for them. Emma and Niall went to go and buy popcorn and drinks and Zayn went to get the tickets, whilst Harry, Liam and I waited outside. After another 10 minutes I saw Connie and Louis walking towards us with another girl that looked similar to connie.
"About time!" Said Liam. I swear it was like his line to say when people were late, it was weird as it was normally said to me!
"Hi and you are?" I said to this other girl, I held out my hand for a hand shake. But she pulled me into a tight hug.
"Hi I'm Georgie!!!!!!!" She replied,"I can't believe it you?!?!!!!" She said looking me up and down. I thought she was some sort of crazy fan and I looked at connie in a kind of heat the hell way.
"Georgie is my sister," she said.
"Your sister!?" I said,"my cousin..." Connie saw me looking puzzled.
" I only found out about an hour ago, come on we are going to miss the film. I'll explain it later!"
We were about 40 minutes late into the film. It had already started and we had to walk in and disturb all the little kids. Yes there were little kids! As we were watching managacaser 3!!!!! We were so childish!!!

After the film all the boys went to the pub and us girls went round to Connie's flat. Georgie explained everything. There were lots of tears and hug's and questions. After about 2 hours we went to join the boys at the pub. It was about 8 ish when we arrived and they were already quite drunk. I felt a bit sorry for Emma, she was only 16 and wasn't allowed to drink! She just sipped her coke awkwardly. At about 11:30 we all left the pub. Me and Harry stumble end back to the pub and went straight to bed. We lay in the bed silently for about 4 minutes, and then I explained the whole sister, cousin thing to him.
"Well you know. Georgie is hot!" He said, looking at me.
"Harry? She's like 23!!! And anyway you've got me!!!" I said.
"Fine, I guess your just have to do then.." I though a pillow at his face, and we went to sleep.
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