One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


15. Chloe and Harry

Chloe's POV
This morning me and Harry had a ....bit of a....waterfight! Soon after he asked me if I wanted to go with him to the cinema. "Sure," I said. I couldn't tell if it was a date, or if it was simply friends getting to know each other.

Anyway, when we got to the cinema, we walked into the crowded building hand in hand. We joined a que which looked a bit shorter than the others, but then it turned out to be the longest! Harry tock both my hands and faced me, I knew just then what was going to happen. He smiled, I smiled back and then he started to lean in...
"HARRY???" Shouted a girl in front really loudly. Harry sighed. "Yes...?" The girl was only about 10 and had lost both of her front teeth and looked really silly. "Who is this, and what were you about to do?" She asked in a loud and demanding voice. "Err...this is my girlfriend and we were just about to...-" Je said calmly. Girlfriend. The word stuck in my head. I had feelings for Harry but I never actually realised he did too, the kiss and the date were a hint, but it only just hit me. " HARRY! HOW DARE YOU CHEAT ON ME!" Screamed the girl, Harry looked puzzled, "AFTER ALL THOSE GOOD TIMES WE HAD, DID KNOWN OF THAT MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU???!!!" The girl stormed off out of the cinema. I looked at Harry and laughed. "Now were was I...?" He said, "Hmm...I can't remember!" I said, playing along. "Let me remind you then," he said. He gave me a long, passionate kiss right on the lips. When our lips finally parted, he said: "Come on let's go home, I can't be bothered to wait any longer," I followed him out of the cinema and we got a taxi back to the house. We started kissing again in the back seats of the taxi, and I could see the taxi driver looking in the mirror at us!

When we got home, Connie and Louis were snuggled up on the sofa watching 'The Hunger Games'. I had already seen the movie, yet I still sat down next to Connie, whilst Harry disappeared into the Kitchen. He came back with two cans of coke. "Thank you very much, Harry my dear!" Said Louis as Harry offered me a can. Harry pulled out the two large cushions that we have shared for the last two days and he gave me the puppy dog eyes, so I jumped onto one of them and leant on him with my head on his lap. As the film was finishing, Louis started kissing Connie on the nose, until the kissing got to the mouth! "Excuse me! But can you two love birds go somewhere else, we are trying to watch the film!" Harry shouted at them. Louis dragged Connie outside into one of the bedrooms. As soon as they left Harry started kissing me continuously, Nial and Emma walked in half way though and I heard Nial sigh and walk into another bedroom, with Emma. I still hadn't worked out were Zayn and Liam kept running off to but they hadn't returned yet. Harry carried me into his room bridle style and we fell asleep.

Harry's POV
When I woke in the morning, Chloe was by my side. She was beautiful when she slept, her hair spread out across the pillow. I kissed her on her nose and she woke up. We lay there for a minute and then she got up, we were both still in our clothes from yesterday. We both went into Nial's room were him and Emma were lying soundly asleep. In Louis's room was the same, Connie and Him in his bed. We went to find some breakfast...then we discovered neither of us could cook and Liam must of still been out with his girlfriend. I turned the radio on and the song 'Love is in the air' came on. Well this is a good song, I said, whilst dancing around with Chloe. "Aha! Hear the two love birds are!" Said Louis laughing at our pathetic dancing. " can talk!" Said Harry!...
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