One Direction and Me! <3 (FINISHED!)

Chloe, Connie and Emma are all normal girls with normal everyday lives....thats all until one day when they meet one direction and everything changes...


19. Chloe and Emma's house

Harry's POV
Chloe pointed to a small family house at the end of a long winding lane. It looked like one of those houses in a picture a little kid would draw. It had a triangles roof and 4 perfect windows and a baby blue front door. Nial and Emma were asleep leaning against each other, it was a long journey and I could see chloe drifting of, but she must have stayed asleep for me. I woke the sleepy heads in the back up, and we walked down the path.

Chloe's POV
When we got back to my house it felt weird being home, I had been at art collage for a year, so I hadn't been at home much. And the art collage I was at was going bust, so all my belongings were at home and my room was till mine...Then I meet Harry.
We walked up the path and a knocked on the door, I gave Harry a quick kiss on the check and my Mum answered the door.
"Hi Mum!" I said hugging her, she hugged me back and stated at Harry over my shoulder. "Hello Emma!" Mum said, she hugged her aswell and stared at Nial. Emma skipped into the house, holding Nial's hand. Mum followed and then me and Harry came in. My Fad was sitting in the kitchen with his iPhone in his hand. He looked up. "Chloe and Emma! And.... What a lovely surprise!" We both hugged Dad in turn, "Dad we have something to tell you.." I said nervously. "Wait first," Dad said,"Who are they?" He said pointing to Harry and Nial. "Umm...this is Harry, my boyfriend," Dad tock it surprisingly well and shock Harry's hand. "And you are.?" He said to Nial. "Oh, I'm Nial, Emma's boyfriend," Dad also shock his hand. "I've seen you to before, I know this sounds odd but you not in one direction ate you?" "Yeah!" Said Harry! "Well" said Dad, "Girls, you're landed on your feet this time," "So what do you knew to tell me, Chloe?" "Umm....I'm with Harry," I waited for him to shout at me and forbid me to go. A tear ran down his check, "aww! My little girl is growing up so fast! Don't tell me your moving in with him aswell are you?" Dad asked, Emma nodded. "I've got to get the camera got, both my girls moving out to live with their boyfriends!" He said. He tock a photo of all 4 of us and then just me and Harry, and then just Nial and Emma. Mum made a pot of tea and ace us all sit at the table 'discussing our furture'. There weren't enough chairs for all of us, so I sat on Harry's lap. Dad tock in another photo and then I told him it was enough and hem put the camera away.
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