Parents of the dead

It is a story i have made up with my imagination, its about a family of 5 who's parents went away one day never returning and on this day friday the 13th the eldest daughter see's her parents in their home standing there looking dead, pale as ever and a evil smile spreading across their face. The thing she dosen't understand is and asks herself, was it all real?


1. The Family

Wake up! Wake up! I  Heard in my ears shut that were about to burst. It was   ice she wanted me to give Steven milk. We have no parents. One day they (our parents) went out and they never came back. People said our parents were cursed at that they were evil and the day they disappeared Friday the 13th was the day they would be returning as ghosts. I didn’t believe it at all  I don’t think about what happened and don’t want to sometimes I get a bit angry thinking why they left us and sometimes I think maybe it wasn’t their fault they didn’t come back and hope they are ok wherever they are.

My names Chrystal I’m 19 years old, I have brown hair and blue eyes just like the rest of my family. Ice is my younger sister she is 10 years old and has blonde hair. Steven is the youngest he is 3 years old and has the same color hair as mine. Everyone in our family is tall, skinny and we all had one scar on our head. The government said I was old enough to look after my brother and sister anyway it had been 2 years ago now and we were doing just fine.

Alright I’m coming I called out to her. She got off my bed and ran downstairs. As I walked towards the kitchen were Steven was sitting on his baby seat. I took a glance at the front door and there was a letter stuck in the mailbox I wonder when that came I thought. I went towards it and reached my hand out for it. I opened it, it said…


Mr. Robert Stewart

116 upper court drive

                                                                 B12 456

                                                                                Monday 16th march 1827


Dear to whom it may concern…

We are writing to tell you that in the last few weeks we have been giving radio forecasts and speeches on the news that World War 2 is officially declared and in this letter we are writing to tell you that in the next week World War 2 may emerge. We will give all the help and support you need for making your air craft shelters or bomb shelters.

Thank you                                                                                                         Your sincerely                                                                                                      The Government.


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