Parents of the dead

It is a story i have made up with my imagination, its about a family of 5 who's parents went away one day never returning and on this day friday the 13th the eldest daughter see's her parents in their home standing there looking dead, pale as ever and a evil smile spreading across their face. The thing she dosen't understand is and asks herself, was it all real?


2. Saving Steven

My heart sank what was I going to do? How was I going to tell ice and Steven? I had to do something and fast. Come on Chrystal! Shouted Ice. I jumped, I’m coming I cried out speechlessly it felt like someone had pulled my tonsils at the back of my mouth so hard I couldn’t speak.

In the kitchen ice was stopping Steven from crying, after I fed Steven I went upstairs and sat on my bed. I knew what I had to do I had to make a shelter for my family without Steven and Ice knowing for there benefit. The next morning before Steven and Ice woke up I started to make the shelter, two hours later I was quite a bit way through the shelter five days later I was finished.

It was the week I had told the war would start I was sitting on the table eating with Ice. Steven was still sleeping, suddenly there was a  really loud siren I knew why there were let off war had started I shouted at Ice who was frozen in mid air I knew she was scared. I told her to get as much food and drink as possible and take it outside in the shelter. I went to get some blankets for the shelter.

Soon I and Ice were in the shelter bombs were hitting people’s houses nearby we could hear them, just then I remembered. Steven was sleeping in the bedroom where we had left him “oh no” I said. As I ran out of the shelter I heard a really loud bang I stood there as I saw a bomb explode in the house next to ours. I could hardly see but I knew that wasn’t going to stop me from rescuing my brother who was alone in the house because of me. I coughed, choked, pushed but I still ran towards the back door.

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