Parents of the dead

It is a story i have made up with my imagination, its about a family of 5 who's parents went away one day never returning and on this day friday the 13th the eldest daughter see's her parents in their home standing there looking dead, pale as ever and a evil smile spreading across their face. The thing she dosen't understand is and asks herself, was it all real?


3. Parents of the dead

When I got in I ran straight up stairs towards the room where Steven was sleeping. He was laying there the window was on fire and the room was covered in smoke I reached out for him he was moving but he’s eyes weren’t open he was unconscious.

As I reached out to pick him up something grabbed me from the arm I looked nobody there. I thought it was just my imagination. I reached out for him again as I felt it again but on my other arm, I turned around and that’s when I saw 2 figures standing there not lively, they looked dead their faces were pale, boney like they had never ate for years and that’s when I realized it was mum and dad I recognized by the scar on their faces. Water splashed straight out my eyes and I started asking and saying stuff I wanted ages ago “why did you leave us? Why did you go? Why didn’t you come back for us?” they just stood there when I thought oh my god its Friday the 13th today the story’s were true they are dead, cursed, no they can’t be I thought.

Then I heard them speak in this deadly spooked voice “yes they are the story’s are true”. Suddenly I heard Steven crying he woke up at the same time I heard the sound of a loud air blazing plane sounding towards our house. I tried to ignore the figures of our parents and reached out for Steven when again I felt the hands on my arm, both of them this time one on one arm and one on the other but this time the hands felt cold and boney. Then they spoke out “let go of him, he is ours, let him die and be with us” what were they thinking. I shoved their arms and screamed out no! Again they pulled my arms harder this time,  no way I was going to let my brother die I heard the plane coming towards us even more, more louder, more frightening. “Let him go!” they shouted louder. No way!

I picked up Steven with my full strength and ran towards the door the figures stood in front of the door and this time I heard the plane like it was right next to me, I still ran half way door the stairs I was going to reached out for the door when I heard a plane drop something right in middle of the stairs. OH NO! I shouted as I woke up sat straight in my bed. Wat? I thought. This was just a dream I thought to myself wiping the sweat of my fore head just when I heard Wake up! Wake up! In my ears that were about to burst. Oh no I thought I took the covers off my bed and ran down the stairs as I saw it there it was the stuck in the mail box.

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