flight 266Q13

james clench boards flight 266Q13 to paris but little does he know that flight has a stranger on it that does some mysterious events in very little time will he get the holiday he deserves ?????????????????????????


1. excitement ?

James clench who is 13 was about to go on his dream holiday.James was quite an understanding person however he would be annoyed if he had to miss his flight to Paris.He also doesn't care much about his appearance he normally wheres a pair of jeans and a hoody with a band t~shirt underneath. it was 3:00 am in the morning and James and his parents were loading there suitcases into the taxi. when they arrived at terminal 2 of heath row airport James couldn't believe he was about to go to Paris and see the : Eiffel tower and so much more." flight 266Q13 will know take off please  put on your seat belts" 99% of James was buzzing with excitement but 1 % of him was puzzled because the man sitting next to him looked rather strange and sly he was wearing a bandanna and a tracksuit.a couple of hours into the flight James hears a beeping  noise continuously getting faster and faster until.........it went black and James got hot, sizzling, burning until it all went silent james eyes tryed to open  his eyes but they were covered in stinging engine fuel a man appeared in front of james  the same man james was sitting next to on the plane the man pulled out a gun and ..................   

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