The lucky bird

It all started with a small bird...


1. Small

It all starts with a small bird. A Blue Jay to be exact. It all started about three, or maybe four, months ago...


"Why are we going outside in school again?" Alex asked. He was my best friends sense Pre-School. We did everything together, ate the same food, watched the same movies, read the same books, everything.

"Mr.Swamp wants to have us do this experiment with plant life. Be glad were actually able to go outside today." I said. Mr.Swamp is our science teacher. Hes a total nut job. Hes obsessed with plants and dirt. And looking up girls skirts. That's why I wear pants and shorts, or skorts. 

We walk outside and Mr.Swamp starts running towards the field of flowers. "Come on children! Run like the wind!" He yells. Most of us say hell no, but this one weird guy, starts running to and screams,"I'm free! I'm free!" He's really weird. 

"I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back." I whisper to Alex. I turn around towards the door and accidentally pump into Erik. He is this really hot guy that doesn't really say much but is super hot. Oh, one more thing I forget to mention is Alex is kinda gay. Alex is totally in love with Erik, so isn't the whole classes of girls. It's kind of funny to watch Alex when he sees Erik, he looks like he about to faint. 

I fall down on the sidewalk and try to get up. Erik takes my elbow and pulls me up."Are you okay?" He asks.

"Um... I think I'm okay, are you okay? I'm fine, but are you?" I asks in a stupid shaky voice. Stupid!  Stupid! Stupid! What the hell is wrong with you?!"I'm okay. Are you sure your okay? You fell pretty hard on the sidewalk." He says.That's because you have a very hot strong chest.

"Yeah I'm fine... I gotta go to the bathroom." I say and run inside.What the hell is wrong with you? Man up girl...or women up girl. Go to the bathroom quickly, so you can see him again.

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