The lucky bird

It all started with a small bird...


4. How to take care of a bird

I looked around frantically around my house for a bird book or two. I went up to the library (my dad loves collecting books and I like to read them) and looked in the animal section. Its a huge library. I found three books about birds. I grabbed them of the shelf and ran back up stairs, pretty much tripping on my way up. I ran into my room and shut the door. I jumped on my bed carefully about knocking the bird of the bed. I flipped to the index on the back of the book and found blue jays. 

"Okay, on page...134-153." I said to myself. I flipped to the page and read the first thing on the page.

Blue Jays are beautiful creatures. They grow up to be about 12 inches long. They basically live anywhere where there are oak trees. They mostly like to nest in pine trees. They like to eat plants and animals, there favorite thing to eat are acorns from oak trees. Blue jays are very protective of there nests. They are seen bobbing people on there heads if they are to close to there nests. If you find a blue jay with a broken wing, contact your nearest wildlife rehabilitation center.

Crap! I don't want to take it somewhere like that! I want to take care of it myself! I thought to myself. Fine then, I'll take care of it myself. I then remembered that we have a bird cage in my closet when I a cockatoo. I opened up my closet and moved all the other crap I had in there. Not long after I found the bird cage. I pulled it out the closet and put it on the bed. I carefully took the bird and put it on the bed. I grabbed the bandages and wrapped them around the birds arm trying not to, unsuccessfully, hurt him. I carefully put him in the cage. At first and tried flying, but then stopped. I looked around my room, finding a place to put the cage. I saw then the hook from my wall and hooked the cage. I waited a few minutes to see if it will stay. And it did! Thank the gods! I then remembered that I will need food. I grabbed my phone, and looked at the bird. Berry,I thought, That's a good name. I ran down stairs out the door, heading for the pet store.

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