The lucky bird

It all started with a small bird...


2. Blue jays

When I come back, I run after Alex and the whole class towards the field. I saw that everyone was huddled in a small circle in the middle of the field. I walked up and hear people saying,"Kill it." "Poor thing..." and "Put it out of its misery." 

I walked up to Alex and ask him whats everyone looking at." There's a bird with a broken wing. Katie found it over here trying to fly." He answered back. I stand on my toes and see that Mr.Swamp was holding this sharp object above his head. He starts to bring it down and before I knew it, I was screaming,"No!" I push everyone out of my way and stop him before he could bring it down all the way.

"Libby... we have to kill it. It wont get better on its own. Its to small and young." He said.

"Then I'll take care of it. Just don't kill it." I said. I look at the small bird and pick it up. It was a blue jay with a broken wing. It was the most pretties bird I have seen up close. 

"Libby! But it down! It might have diseases!" He said. I acted like I didn't care and started to walk away. I walked back in school in search for a box. I ask some teachers if they had a small box. 

"I think I might have one, come with me." I walk with one of the first grade teachers into her class room. I stand near the door while she goes to the back of the room looking for a box."Ah! hear it is!" She said. She walked back towards me and gave me the small box.   

"Thank you." I say and start to walk away.

"Whats it for?" She asks before I walk out.

"For this bird I found." I hold up the blue jay and she gasps.

"That bird has a broken wing! Here I'll give you some bandages and a small cloth for the bird." She said. She runs up to her desks and runs back with some bandages and a blue cloth. I glance at the clock and see that it's almost three o'clock. Right on cue, the bell rings. 

"Crap! Thank you!" I said while I ran out the door.

"Your welcome!" I hear her say behind me. I run up the stairs towards my locker and quickly grab my stuff. I but the small cloth around the bird and put it in the box with the bandages. I run back down the stairs and wait by the door for Alex.

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