The lucky bird

It all started with a small bird...


3. Berry



       I tapped my foot, waiting impatiently at the steps for Alex, the little bird squirming a little. 

      "Alex! There you are!" I said, relieved.
     "Libby!" He said brightly, running over, and peering at the little bird.
     "That's going to get quite big, you know, all blue jays do." He observed.
     "Hey guys, can I see the bird?" Erik walked over. I watched Alex in amusement, as his cheeks flushed pink, and he looked highly flattered to be in Erik's presence. Seeing as Alex wasn't going to be able to say anything, I did. Or tried.
     "Er, sure." I smiled, and he smiled back. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks.
     The tiny thing was soft and warm in my hand, as I placed it in Eric's, and our fingers brushed. 
Alex was practically radiating jealousy, but I was nice and decided not to laugh.
     The soft look Eric gave the hurt thing practically made my heart melt. His look of sympathy, as if he knew how the bird felt. 
     I watched him handle it's hurt wing carefully, and help it flap it's one wing, managing to put it in the box.
     "What should we name it?" Asked Alex.
     Both me and Eric turned, almost forgetting he was there.
     "Berry." said Erik fanatically. Personally, I thought it was slightly childish. But then again, this was a baby bird we were naming. It seemed appropriate.
     "Berry would be perfect!" Gushed Alex. 
     I snorted. "Yeah. Okay. Berry it is."
     I gave them one last peer in the box, and goodbyes to Berry, and started to walk home, feeling triumphant.
     I opened the door, to our big, looming green house, looking cautiously around for parents. They were very "Particular" and "Neat" people, and wouldn't like my care of a broken winged bird in my room...
Neither mother nor father were anywhere to be seen, so I snuck up the stairs, got in my room, and slammed the door shut.
    I stood with a bird in a box in my hand, and then realized: I knew nothing about how to take care of a broken winged bird.


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