Deuces ~ Justin Bieber Love Story

Deuces, remix For the ladies, let's go
Nigga you got some nerves acting like you the business Save that shit for the birds 'cause you done know you fucked up, yeah Trust when I say you won't find another girl, yeah That loves you like C and touch you like C
Too bad that you couldn't even see I gave my all to you But you was undercover sleeping with another All them nights I cried to you Thought that it was only me but it wasn't only me
You got me feeling like a fool Thought that it was perfect, hope that it was worth it But I'll be okay, no more stress, no more pain I'll be straight, I'm chucking up them deuces
I'm on some new shit chucking my deuces up to him I'm moving on to something better, better, better No more time to make it work
You make me wanna say bye bye Say bye bye, say bye bye to him I gon have to say bye bye Say bye bye, say bye bye to him
Shouldn't have lied to me I feel so bad you let me down But you gon' have to see, yeah You gon' wish I was around!
Deuces, chuck Chu


1. April Kathy Scott

April Kathrine (Kathy) Scott is 19 and work on an album Called 'Strength' she broke up her boyfriend Justin Bieber because he was cheating on her with Selena Gomez her worst enemy but he didn't give a damn all he cared about was himself But what happens when she has to go on tour with Her Ex and he tries to win her back but there's one obstacle Selena The Bitch that stole Justin from her April secretly still loves Justin but she obviously doesn't want to admit it because she is afraid of Getting Hurt.

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