Beautiful Pain

Teddi has been beatin, brusied and neglected by her mother ever since her dad left them. One day her mother pushes her over the edge by throwing a beer bottle at her and it smashing into the back of her left arm. Raged, she packs a bag and leaves for the ER and not planning to come back. In the parking lot she passes out and an innocent bystander to the rescue. Harry to the rescue I should say. Once Harry helps Teddi he feels a deep connection between them. He feels as though he's responsible for her. Keeping her safe is becoming one of his first priorities. Not only for a crack in the road but of her abusive mother. Will he keep her out of the harmful grasp of her own mother or will she slip away back into a dark painful life?


10. tour stuff

Teddi's POV:

I had finally told someone how I felt. Harry being the one I opened up to, it made us closer. When we got home, the place felt more like my home. I knew I didn't have to worry about being kicked out and left on the end of the street. I had trust in him and I could tell he liked it like that.

    I was sitting on the tour bus, well, one of them. Harry was telling me what to expect and how it's going to work. I had watched them practice their show and I could tell they couldn't wait to get on the road and start. Harry showed me how everything worked and what the schedule was. My mouth dropped when I noticed there was not only the UK listed in the tour but also Australia, Ireland, Paris and even America, my eyes widened. What have I gotten myself into? Harry just chuckled at my state of shock.

   I was sitting in a small booth on the bus with Zayn sitting next to me, Harry and Niall across form us and Liam and Louis standing up.

"When we go to America we have to go to Universal in Tampa." Liam stated.

"Well, when we get to Ireland we are going to my house and playing my old Xbox games." Niall said excitedly.

"Well, when we go to any of those places I will probably die of shock." I laughed. Never in my life would I have imagined sitting here with these five boys, getting the chance to travel to places that I would never have thought of going.

  Harry caught my eye and he gazed at me with something new in his stare. I don't know what it was but I could tell he was being very genuine. I loved that about him. Harry wasn't afraid of smiling at me, holding my hand, putting his arm around me in front of the boys. I've never had that before. If I had a boyfriend they would only talk to me outside of school, when no one else was around. Sometimes they would only text me. That would be it. The only time they would talk to me directly in school was when they would humiliate me and dump me in front of everyone.

   Harry reached over the table and rubbed the top of my hand. My hand was a little cold compared to his. He smiled when I flinched at his warmth.

"Harry, stop trying to be all lovey across a bus table. It's not going to work." Louis laughed. Harry smiled but kept on rubbing my hand.

"I dunno about that, Lou, Teddi seems pretty happy over here." Zayn said smiling at me. I just looked down at my lap when everyone looked over at me.

"Hey." Paul said coming onto the bus. "We need to get you guys to come in here. We've got to talk microphones and ear ins." Paul pointed behind him to the building. We all got up and followed Paul back inside.

"Hello, boys." A man walked up to them and shook their hands. "I am here to discus all the techie stuff. I will be the leader of all the volume and lighting and stuff like that. So, what I need you guys to do is take these forms and fill out how to customize your own microphones. Please, we ask you guys not to do anything too crazy but just a little somethin' on the side or the bottom to just be able to tell who's is who's. I'll go get the mics that ,after today, will only be your mic." the guy handed the boys a piece of paper and walked off. They sat down in the seats next to them and started talking about designs. "I want a Batman sign on the side of mine." Liam said writing something down.

"I'm gonna have an Irish flag on the bottom of mine so when I sing, people will see it." Niall cheered excitedly. Harry had a big smile on his face and just wrote something down.

"What are you putting on yours Harry?" I asked.

"I dunno." he said. "I think I'm gonna put a name on mine." he said writing something else.

   In the end Liam was getting a Batman sign. Louis, a Superman sign. Niall was getting an Irish flag on the bottom of his. Zayn wanted his name in Arabic, and Harry was getting his name on his I guess. Once the boys talked with Sean, the techie guy, about how they wanted it, he told them how they were going to get fitted for ear ins.

"What's an ear-in?" I quietly asked Harry so I didn't sound stupid. He chuckled down at me and put his lips close to my ear

"An ear-in," he explained "is when were performing, obviously there will be a lot of screaming so it lets us hear more clearly what the band and the other boys are singing." I nodded. That made sense I guess.

"I call red."  Zayn proclaimed that set off a ripple effect over colors. I just laughed. Harry leaned over to me," What's your favorite color?" he asked.

"Pink. Why?" I asked. Harry looked among the boys, "I have pink." He said wrapping his arm around me. They just nodded as if they knew exactly why. A minute later Sean collected the slips and  handed them all a plastic baggie with some blue squishy stuff in them. Harry looked at it with disgust, it smelled horrible.

"This is something we are going to set in your ears. When it dries it turns white. It will give us a molding of inside of your ears so they fit properly. Who wants to go first?" Louis hand shot up

"I do!'' he smiled. Sean agreed and walked over to Louis. He handed Sean the baggie and Sean set the blue runny, smelly stuff in both of his ears and told his to keep his head straight. Sean moved down the line with Harry next. Harry flinched at the stuff hitting his ears, saying it was cold. He held onto my hand.

"It's like having ear plugs in!" he shouted.

"Yeah, I know right!" Zayn agreed. I looked at them with a humorous expression, I just couldn't help but smile at Harry's face. He seemed to be both freaked out and enjoying it at the same time.

"Why are you boys yelling?"  a women walking in asked Harry looked at her with ease so I assumed he knew her.

"What?!" he asked.

"Never mind!" she laughed and yelled. "And I guess that answers that." she said so the boys couldn't hear her. Harry looked at me, wondering why I was laughing. I just shook my head. Only a minute later Sean removed the molding from their ears that was now in fact white and we all laughed at the them. It was exact replicas of the inside of their ears. It was funny to see some ear wax stuck to some of them.

"Alright. Thanks guys for being here, these things will be done in a couple of weeks and we'll call you in when they're done so you can see them and try them out. You can be set on your marry way."  Sean smiled and walked away.

Harry stood up and gave the women a hug.

"Hello, Mum." he smiled at her

"Hi Harry." she smiled back. They held a short conversation about generic stuff. Like what they have been doing and things they've seen on the telly recently. I didn't get into the conversation because I could tell they needed a moment to catch up. Maybe Harry didn't even know whether or not to introduce me. I wouldn't mind if he didn't, I didn't look my absolute best in Harry's grey joggers. All of my clothes were in my bag waiting to be cleaned this afternoon.

"Mum," he then smiled and turned to look behind him, "There's someone you ought to meet." His eyes met mine and he delicately reached out his hand. I took it and he pulled me to his side. "This is Teddi." His smile seemed to get wider.

"Hello." she said in an odd tone. I'm guessing Harry wasn't one to really introduce girls to his mum after just meeting someone.

"Hi it's nice to meet you." I put my hand out and she gave it a quick shake.

"Teddi." Harry said, "needed a place to stay so she's staying with me."

"Just until I get back on my feet." I finish, not wanting it to sound like I was okay mooching off him. He just looked at me like that sentence wasn't needed. I shrugged and let it drop. Harry, with his long arm slung over my shoulders guided me around and led me towards the door keeping a ligt chatter with his mum.

"Hold it." I turned to see Paul walking up to us with a concerned look on his face. "We've got a bunch of fans huddled up infront of the building, and the back." He said. "We're going to have to take you guys quickly as we can, alright. No funny bussiness." Paul warned and we all agreed.

"How about I pull up my car as close as I can and they all pile in? I was just about to ask if everyone wanted to come over. Maybe swim and we could have a cook out. Maybe you guys could even stay the night." Harry's mom suggested.  Harry nodded and as did the boys.

 "Sure, back it up as close as you possibly can and we'll try." Paul nodded. She turned and stepped outside into the screaming mob. I'm shocked that she wasn't torn to pieces. I just looked at Harry. He looked completely calm. He noticed my worry and pulled me closer to his strong warm body.

"Don't stress, love." he said wrapping his arms around my waist. "This happens all the time. It's nothing to stress about, My Mum and Paul always do but it's actually quite fun." Just as he said this Paul walked up to us.

"Alright, your mum is almost to the door but not quite. You guys ready?" I nodded and Harry dropped his arm from my shoulders and placed his hand on the small of my back. For some reason it reminded me of the first day he brought me back to the flat, keeping his hand on my back, as he knew I was a little skittish. I loved it when he comforted me and it made me feel secure whenever we touched.

 We walked to the door and I was behind Liam and in front of Harry. Paul burst open the door and began to block the girls away from the boys and me. The roar of screaming deafened me and you could tell there was some pushing and shoving from the crowd. But Harry did keep his hand on my back the whole time.

We all piled into the car and Paul jumped in behind us and we were off. Everyone seemed to look at me, searching my face to see if I was okay. I looked up and was over taken with laughter.

"You were right, Harry." I laughed , "That was fun." They all looked at me and laughed along. Harry leaned over and kissed my forehead. I knew now that tour was going to be so much fun, I had a lot to look forward to and I couldn't wait to spend it with Harry.

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