Beautiful Pain

Teddi has been beatin, brusied and neglected by her mother ever since her dad left them. One day her mother pushes her over the edge by throwing a beer bottle at her and it smashing into the back of her left arm. Raged, she packs a bag and leaves for the ER and not planning to come back. In the parking lot she passes out and an innocent bystander to the rescue. Harry to the rescue I should say. Once Harry helps Teddi he feels a deep connection between them. He feels as though he's responsible for her. Keeping her safe is becoming one of his first priorities. Not only for a crack in the road but of her abusive mother. Will he keep her out of the harmful grasp of her own mother or will she slip away back into a dark painful life?


11. Harry's house

Harry's POV:

The car ride was fun because we were laughing the whole way over. I was in the kitchen helping my mum prepare the food. Teddi was sitting by the pool in Gemma's swim suit and the boys in some of mine.

"Harry, so what is going on with this girl? I seemed to notice you guys are quite close." My mum said to me now. I looked over at her and could see a smile on her face.

"I fancy her a lot. I haven't kissed her yet, but I would like to, really like to." I told her.

"Then why don't you do it?" she asked hitting me in the arm lightly with the spatula.

"I don't know. I mean I don't think she's that kind of girl. I really respect her and don't want to scare her by kissing her when she's not ready." I sighed looking down into the pot on the stove in front of me.

"I promise you that you keep being good to that girl, you'll get that kiss, and it will be perfect." she smiled I looked up at her and she nodded to me.

"Thanks Mum," I said to her, finishing up the sauce I was stirring in the pan.

"She's different huh? You haven't introduced me formally to a girl in years."

"Teddi's the one I carried into the Emergency Room a few weeks ago." I told her and she looked up from the cutting board.

"Really?" she asked a little surprised.

"Yeah." I breathed, just the though of her limp body made me shiver. What if I hadn't of walked in when I did? I couldn't even begin to imagine...

Mum nodded, showing me she approved of what Teddi and I have. That made me happier then you would have thought. Over the past years she hasn't really approved of any of my relationships, mostly in the last year. She thinks all of the celebrities want everything public. Mum thinks a relationship should be as private and personal as it gets in that kind of life style. And now, being around Teddi and realizing how much her life hasn't been affected by cameras, I understand completely.

"This is done. Is there anything else you need me to do?" I asked her with a smile with my now happier mood.

"No, dear, that's all, but you can show Teddi around the house." he nudged me with her elbow.

"Alright, I will." I smiled, making way to the patio door.

"But if you guys aren't down in ten minutes I'm coming up there." She waved her spatula at me again.

"I know, I know mum. It's okay." I opened the door ,"Hey, Teddi, could you come here a minute?" I looked over at the clock and it was only three in the after noon.

 She stood up and walked over to me. Wow, she looked beautiful. Teddi was in a light blue suit that my mum had given her. It was my sisters and I laughed at the fact the they were the same size. She smiled and I took her hand and walked her to the stairs.

"I thought I'd show you around the house a little." I shrugged and she nodded. I slung my arm casually around her shoulder and guided her up the stair case. "Over here is my Mum and step dad's room." I told her, looking over the room. Robin was sitting on the edge of the bed, slipping on his flip flops.

"Hey, there." he smiled walking to us.

"Hey, Robin, what's up?" I asked him.

"Oh, I thought I'd go help your mum getting the food out there, and do a little swimming." he smiled and caught the eye of Teddi.

"Well, hello. Aren't you a pretty thing. Is this your bird, Harry?" he asked

"Hi, there. I'm Teddi." she said softly, smiling in her enlightening way, not even letting me answer the question. She seemed to have a glow about her though. Ever since I met her, I've watched her build confidence but, when she met someone knew I could see the shyness peak through. I loved watching that.

"It's nice to meet you Teddi." Robin reached out his hand. Teddi took it with a bright smile and shook it.

"You too. Well, I'll be down there." he smiled and walked down the stairs.

"That's a bathroom." I carried on. "And this is my sister, Gemma's room. And this," I paused," is my room." I opened the door and her smile was brightened. It wasn't much but there were some pictures of me as I was little and I hadn't really changed anything about it since I was fifteen. I guess she could tell. I had posters of some old bands I don't even listen to anymore. She walked in and sat on my bed. She seemed pretty happy.

"So.." I said carrying it out.

"It's adorable." she smiled.

"Adorable? How so?" I asked sitting next to her.

"Just look around." she smiled and got up. She walked to my dresser and picked up a picture.

"When was this?" she asked. I got up and stood by her.

"Oh, god, that, um, was my first New Years and I had gotten a little too excited at mid night." I blushed and looked at the ground.

" Well, I can tell." she laughed. It was a picture of me with out a diaper and swinging it around in the air. The picture stopped at the middle of my waist. I had the hugest smile on my face. God, I could tell she was never going to forget that picture.

"And this?" she asked. "That was the day I tried out for the X factor a few years ago."

"You were on the X factor?" she asked, I then remembered that she knew nothing about the band. I smiled a wide smile.

"Yes, that is where the boys and I were grouped  together as a band." I smiled.

"Really?" she asked like I was telling her the most mind blowing story.

"Yeah, Niall can do the voice over impression." I chuckled.

"Then, who are these people?" she asked. I looked at it and a rememberance rang through me. I missed the old days.

"That was the band I was in before the X factor. We were called White Eskimo." I smiled the good times with my small band.

"Who came up with that name?" she asked, giggling.

"I did, thank you very much. And I picked the name One Direction too." I smiled proudly.

"I bet you did." she chuckled, placing her hand on my bare chest. I looked down at her touch. She was warm from sitting out there in the sun. I looked at her and she just stared at my necklace. "My mum gave it to me." I said and she nodded like a answered her question she asked me. She looked up and I gazed into her golden eyes and there was something that seemed to blaze deep in her. I really did fancy her. I did want to kiss her, and maybe a few other things but I didn't know if I should. I couldn't help it. I connected with her on a level that I have never with anyone else.

She lightened my world and made me see things a new way. She's taught me not to take my family and friends or really anything for granted because it can be taken from you. She still had her hand on my chest and I moved closer to her. I herd someone coming up the stairs.

"Food's ready." I heard Zayn say knocking on the door.

"Alright, we'll be right down." I said, not taking my eyes off her. She looked down and took her hand away.

"Come on." I said intertwining our fingers. "Lets get out of here." I smiled and guiding her down the stairs and outside to the table.

"Dig in." Mum said and she didn't have to tell us twice. The food was great. I just couldn't concentrate on what I was really doing. Teddi was just all over my mind. My mum said a minute later that her and Robin were going to run to the store to get a few things for dinner. After they were gone I tried to figure out a way to tell Teddi that I really did fancy her and kiss her, finally. I had so much on my mind I didn't even realize I had picked up the ketchup and missed my sandwich and sprayed it all over Liam.

"Harry!" he yelled jumping up. I looked up with wide eyes.

"Sorry Liam! I didn't pay attention to what I was doing!" I laughed

"Oh. you think it's funny?" he asked with a playful smile.

"It kinda is." Teddi agreed behind me.

"Really?" he asked picking up the Mayonnaise. "Then this ought to be hilarious." Liam quickly threw a big spoonful in my direction. It didn't hit me though. It passed me and hit Teddi in the somach. "Liam!" she shouted and we all laughed. "Hahaha so funny." She said and picked up the mustard and ran towards him squeezing it all over him, managing to get some on Zayn.

"Not the hair!" he yelled but just as he said it, she sprayed it all in his hair and laughed and laughed. I picked up the chocolate syrup and handed it to Zayn and it was on. We all had something to throw and when you sprayed someone, someone else sprayed you.

Teddi was covered head to foot in everything. We all had ganged up on her and dumping all this stuff on her. She laughed and spun in circles trying to get all us back but it didn't really work. She eventually just sprayed Zayn. Louis and I were going at it when I heard

"What the?!" we all stopped and looked over to see my Mum and Robin walking out to the patio. She had a shocked look all over her face.

"Mum, I'm sorry." I said to her. "We'll clean it all up." I said.

"Yeah," she gasped, "You will." she said reaching into the bag she was holding. She pulled out a big bottle of Ready Whip and opened it. She shook it and smiled. I raised my hands above my head.

"If you spray me then you have to help clean up too." I warned her. She smiled and took a step closer to me.

"I was going to anyways but now I have a reason to." He smiled and began to spray it all over me. "Aww, man I'm all out!" Teddi said shaking the mustard bottle close to her ear. She tried to spray it and a whole bunch shot out and covered my mum.

"Oops." she said, her eyes widened. "I guess not." we all burst out in laughter and mum took off after Teddi and they sprayed each other back and forth. The boys and I went back to spraying each other. It only took about five minutes for everyone else to run out of ammo.

 "Alright." Mum laughed. "Does everyone surrender?" she asked. We all nodded. "Okay. I'll go get the hose and you guys stay put." She smiled and walked back around to the side of the house.

"Now that was fun." Teddi said walking over to me, trying not to slip on the stuff on the concrete. I took her hand and looked straight into her eyes. I adored, and I needed her to know that. Even covered in every condiment from the fridge, she looked adorable.

"Teddi..." I said to her locking my arms around her waist. She just looked at me, not saying a word.I smiled and closed the space in between us. I softly pressed my lips to her forehead.


Teddi POV:

It was later in the night and I was fresh from the shower. All the boys had gone to get their clothes for the night, and being the girl I am had already brought a pair of clothes to change into. But, also being the girl that I am, I had forgotten to bring the to the bathroom with me for my shower.

 It wasn't that big of a deal. It was about eleven and Mrs. Anne and Robin said  that they were off to bed. So I thought it would be alright for me to dash through the house and over the back garden to the bungalow that was off the far side of the garden.

    It was very dark at this time of night. So dark I had to carefully follow the stone path that led me safely to the hut.

 As I did with some difficulty, I managed to make it through the door alright but hadn't stopped to noticed one thing. As I did I came face to face with eyes I wasn't expecting. Two of the five sitting in the small living room. Louis looked away quickly with a small laugh and hello. Thankfully Harry was sat there too, because he stood up and walked beside me, tucking my small damp body under his long, built, tattooed arm.

He guided me down the short hallway and into our bedroom. He let me go and I walked quickly to the bed side, grabbing the bag he had packed for me. I could tell by his stature and my hot ace that he knew I was very embarrassed.

  I began to rummage through the bag, not really knowing what I wanted to pull out, but just to preoccupy myself to not make eye contact. I stopped when I heard Harry slowly kick off his white converse and walk to me.

A hand slid smoothly down my arm and lifted my elbow. It caused me to turn and face him. I pulled my towel more securely around my body and glanced up at him under my lashes. I didn't say anything and neither did he. Harry touched my waist over the thick, soft fabric of the towel. It seemed as though he wasn't quite sure what to do. There was a contemplating emotion that crossed his features.

With he hand on my waist he slowly fisted the towel in his hand. The sheath began to pull away from the right side of my body, revealing my upper thigh. Slowly he crouched down on his knees. I didn't dare move but just tilted my head and watched him.

Never taking his eyes off mine as he started to place delicate kisses to my leg. From the middle of my thigh to the top of it peaking from through my covering towel.

Harry's hand were now on either side of my waist, now standing on is feet, closing the space between us. Almost cautiously, he bent down over my shorter frame. His lips ran over the lobe of my ear. Harry ran his lips down my neck making me shiver and subconsciously tightening the grip on the barrier between us.

 He didn't kiss my neck but didn't bite it either. I think we wanted to see my reaction. He thought I was going to pull away. When he saw I didn't he began to lightly suck on the base of my neck. A small moan came spilling out of my mouth. My eyes widened. I didn't know where that had come from. Never had someone been this intimate with me and it scared me in a way.

I stepped back a bit from Harry and his lips left my neck. He worriedly searched my face for any emotion. I was partly scared but was able to hold a small smile and a hint of blush on my face.

The smile didn't warm him so I placed my hand on his exposed arm, his tattoo holding my interest for a few moments as I traced them. He was soothed with my touch as his stiff, worried shoulders dropped. I looked back at him and he took a small step closer to me.

"You didn't have any joggers. It gets quite cold here at night. Wear mine?" he asked, asking for my approval. I nodded slowly as he pulled the grey pair out of his bag and handed them to me. I smiled at him as he kissed my forehead tenderly. Harry walked out the room, shutting the door behind him.

I sat on the end of the bed, holding his over baggy grey joggers in my hands. I held them to my face and breathed in deep. A deep blush crept onto my face as I began to feel a small knot in my tummy, with butterflies in there too.


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