Beautiful Pain

Teddi has been beatin, brusied and neglected by her mother ever since her dad left them. One day her mother pushes her over the edge by throwing a beer bottle at her and it smashing into the back of her left arm. Raged, she packs a bag and leaves for the ER and not planning to come back. In the parking lot she passes out and an innocent bystander to the rescue. Harry to the rescue I should say. Once Harry helps Teddi he feels a deep connection between them. He feels as though he's responsible for her. Keeping her safe is becoming one of his first priorities. Not only for a crack in the road but of her abusive mother. Will he keep her out of the harmful grasp of her own mother or will she slip away back into a dark painful life?


18. drunk.

       "Are you sure?" Harry asked me again? I sneezed loudly and gave him an obvious grin.

"Yeah, I think I need to stay back until the allergy medicine kicks in. I'll be fine. Paul will just bring me by when I'm ready. Promise." He gave me a saddened look, puppy dog eyes shone in the dim light of the hotel room. We were in Australia, America was fun and we'll be back in a matter of weeks. I was proud to say that the boys did conquer the Eastern sea board. I looked back to him as he let out a long sigh.

 "Alright." he shrugged.

"I guess I'll see you soon. Feel better." he smiled and turned to the door.

"Have fun!" I shouted after him as he closed the door. I let out a sigh and looked around. What can I do? I decided to just chill on the sofa and watch the telly whilst I wait.


I took a another look in the mirror. My multi colored dress just came abouve my knees, my long brunette hair in tight curls, and my face had it's usual make up. Slipping on my shinny black high heels, I heard a knock on the door. I walked up to the barrier and glanced through the peep hole. With a wide smile I opened the door.

     "Hello, lovely, ready to go to the party?" Paul asked me as he took a step into the hotel room.

       "I guess." I smiled shyly.

   "Why you say that? I think you look lovely." he nodded.

      "Thanks, Paul, but there will be famous people there and that is something that makes me extremely nervous." I shrugged.         

       "You'll be fine." he assured me. "Just hang close to Harry and he'll most of the talking for sure." I smiled widely at the true statement. "Alright, so on that note, you ready?" he asked once again.

         "Yes I am." I nodded as we walked out the door and through the lobby. I was recognized by some of the boys' fans. I politely said hi and just kept on walking. Paul and I talked about things in general in the car ride. My thoughts just drifting to other things like how adorable Harry looked in his suite and bow tie that I had in fact tied for him. Once Paul had stopped the car, and turned off the ignition, I was taken away from my day dreams and nervousness settled in.

          "Ready?" Paul asked me as he got out of the car.

       He strolled around and opened my door me. Looking out across the sea of people I saw a million familiar faces that had yet to know that I exist. I could see the girls from Little Mix, Ed Sheeran, Cher Lloyd, Rita Ora, Caroline Flack, and Olly Murs just standing there in the mist of everything. I swallowed down my panic and took Paul's out stretched hand to help me put of the lifted vehicle.    

      Paul walked me across the lot of people and into a large tent. I could see a lit up area with a DJ that I assumed was the dance floor. I quickly scanned over the faces but found none of the five I was looking for. Paul looked at me as he withdrew a mobile from his ear.

         "The boys aren't picking up." he shouted over the loud music. My eyes looked to the far left of me and a shock was pulsed through my body. There was an open bar. I surely didn't want to be anywhere near a drunk as a hand landed upon my shoulder. My eyes were wide for a moment, and my fear grew larger inside my stomach. I swallowed hard and turned to my left to see whom the hand belonged to.

 "Hey Teddi." Liam smiled at me. I let out a sigh of relief. My hard features softened as he spoke my name.

"Hi Liam." I smiled widely, looking over his nice polo shirt that was tucked into his light kaki pants. His white converse poked over top his trousers, I assumed they were Harry's

 "Thanks for bringing her Paul, we got it from here. I'll call you when the party's done."

"I won't be far." Paul said with the turn of his large build and walked away.

"Have you seen Harry?" I asked Liam now.

 "No not for the past thirty minutes or so, he's probably on the dance floor acting stupid with Louis." he laughed as he guided me to the large floor. Liam and I scanned the faces around us but no sign of the two dummies. A minute or so we gave up and just decided to dance ourselves. I was one of the most uncoordinated people I knew but when It came to dancing, I wasn't half bad. Liam and I just went crazy. We didn't care who was around us or watched as we jumped around and acted ridiculous for fun. It was sweaty fun.

                        An hour we must have been on that floor. It finally dawned on me that I needed to find my boyfriend. "We still need to find Harry." I said to Liam, out of breath. He nodded and we walked through the crowd back to the main floor. I walked around with Liam on my side.

"Hey!"  heard a familiar voice call. I turned to see my beautiful green eyed boyfriend standing not too far away, his head turned in my and Liam's direction. I smiled as I walked up to him.

 "Hey." I smiled wider as he placed a kiss to my cheek.

"How are you?" he asked me in an odd way. I chuckled and told him I was good.

"Alright then, can I get you a drink?" he asked.

"A Pepsi?" I asked, taken slightly aback by his choice of words.

 "If that's what you want." he shrugged. I walked to the bar as Liam was talking to Zayn. "One Pepsi, please?" Harry asked the lady behind the counter. Harry looked me over in one swift look, "You look good in that dress." he told me as the lady slid him my Pepsi.

"Thanks." I said quietly. A compliment I would have taken sweetly normally just didn't sound right to me tonight. I didn't like the way he said 'good'. I sat down on the stool and sipped my drink. Harry was watching me, a new look in his eyes. His once clear glasses held an expression I've never seen on him before, but someone else; someone I couldn't put my finger on. I was thankful when Zayn, Niall and Liam walked up to us.

"Dance floor?" Zayn asked the two of us. I nodded and looked to Harry as I got down from the tall stool. He was still watching me with those strange eyes.

"Nah." he shook his head, slowly looking up at Zayn. "I'll stay here." he smiled as Niall took my seat.

"Yeah," Niall said in the same tone of voice, "I'll keep him company." I nodded as Liam and Zayn guided me to the floor.

                     Again, we acted crazy. Jumping and yelling along with the music. During our embarrassing moments, I was greatly, and very nervously, introduced to Ed Sheeran. He was a very lovely, polite and down to earth. Not too in your face, which I quite liked. Liam excused himself as he needed to run to the loo. It was just Ed, Zayn and myself on the dance floor and we were now less crazy as I could tell Ed wasn't a wild one. We had a good laugh, talking about the dumbest things he or the other boys have done.

Zayn also left to go check on something I didn't quite catch. I was left alone with Ed as he suggested we go outside of the sweaty atmosphere and to the front garden with more famous people. I nodded and quickly shot a glance to Harry who was still at the bar with Niall, laughing uncontrollably about something. I stifled a giggle as he almost fell off the stool he sat upon.

     Outside was something. I was introduced to people I would have never of thought about in my dizziest daydreams.

"So, I've heard so much about you from the papz and Harry mentioned you multiple times when we talk occasionally, tell me all about your self." he smiled with dazzling white teeth.

 "Alright, well, what do you want to know?" I asked, nothing coming to mind as to what to say to Olly Murs as he had asked me the question.

 "Well, what's all this like for you?" he asked.

"Uh, crazy." I giggled. "Well, I grew up in a small little house in London, and the city is strangely small to me. So, to be able to go around the country and the world to get to watch him do what he loves all the time is really something." I smile as a deep redness came to my cheeks. I absolutely loved the fact I had just stated. It made me feel a deep feeling for the boy inside the tent.

"Teddi!" my name was urgently called. I looked over to a worried Zayn standing on the edge of the tent.

 "Will you excuse me for a moment?" I said to the two boys in front of me as I made my way to Zayn's worried expression.
 "What?" I asked him in a low voice.

 "We need to leave." he said urgently.

"What? Why?" I asked him, clearly not understanding the full situation.
"Just don't mind that now, I'll tell you on the way home." he said as he began to guide me to his parked car.

"Wait, I left my phone with Harry at the bar." I told him, remembering me setting it down to take a sip of my Pepsi.

"Please make it fast." he said to me, letting go of my arm. "I'll be in the car." I nodded and made my way through the people as fast I could. As I neared the bar, I noticed Harry and Niall were no longer occupied the bar, and my phone and a lot of empty glasses were just sitting there. I quickly held my mobile close to my chest as I rushed to the last place I saw Zayn.

 "Hey," I heard someone say to me. It was Harry. I smiled, but it quickly faded into a deep frown and then into shock. Harry stumbled to me and his eyes were even more familiar than before. It still wouldn't come to me as Harry neared. "What's the rush?" he slammed his hand abouve my head to the hard wall, leaning his face close to mine.

             I pressed my body as close to the coldness behind me as best I could. My senses were filled with his smell of alcohol, the very smell that made everything come together. The look in Harry's eyes resembled the very person that I feared the most and now he even smelled like her. Harry looked like my Mum, she too looked and smelled this way before she would frighten me or make marks on my faire skin.

"Harry," I mumbled breathlessly, almost no voice, "you're drunk." my breath caught.

   "Nah, baby, I'm just fine. It's you I'm worried about. You seem scared. Shh, Shh don't cry." he messily wiped away the tear that now rolled down my cheek. Harry had known my biggest fear, the very thing that scares me more than all of my other frights combined, and here he stands. Right now, sadly, he is my biggest fear.

"Harry, you need to let me go." I whispered in a pleading voice.

"No," he said harshly. He took my hand in his clumsy grasp. "I want you to stay here with me." a smirk appeared on his face as he stepped incredibly closer to me, my figure caught between the wall and his body. I chocked down the lump in my throat to only have it raise higher. More tears escaped my eyes. By his expression I could tell he was thinking about more than just dancing on the dance floor with me.


"Hey, I told you to stop crying." he said irritated. I shook my head and looked away from him. This has to be a dream, no, a nightmare. "Stop that." he said again. "Stop it." his voice was getting louder as the tears became heavier. I looked around and saw Liam quickly making his way to us from across the venue. He could tell I was crying.

"Why aren't you listening to me? I am Harry Styles!" he shouted as he got intensely angry.

"Whoa, buddy." Liam warned, pulling Harry off me. Harry's fingers slipped from mine as I pressed my palms to the wall. "You need to stop it.

"No! She needs to stop her crying! I asked her to stop and she won't!" he yelled. I crumbled to the floor as a new hand came to me. It was Zayn. I instantly clung to him, burying my face to his chest.

"What's goin on people? Aww why's she sad? Why is little Teddi bear sad?" I looked up at Niall who was in the same state as Harry.

I didn't answer as I was pulled away by Zayn to the car. We wove around the, to what it seemed, millions of people and lead to the car. Zayn helped me in and drove me back to the hotel. I didn't care if he saw me cry, that was the last thing on my mind. I sat there, staring out the window as it began to rain . It was as though my emotions were falling down on me in even bigger tears then I could possibly let out, though they felt that big and heavy. Like huge rain drops falling from Spring's biggest cloud.

      Once at the hotel Zayn guided me from the car, to the lift, down our hallway and lead me into my room with my card key I had on the inside of my phone case. I was sat on the plush, white couch as my tears were constantly being whipped away with the back of my hand. It must have been forever that I sat there as Zayn let me use his shoulder for my stream of tears. I eventually cried myself to sleep that night.


****Hello my lovelies! I can't believe I'm putting an authors note because I personally don't like them when I read other fanfics, SOO anyways, Yes, Harry got drunk. Any guesses what comes next? I have a few ideas but not sure which direction to go in. I can't post tomarow because am going out of town where THERE IS NO WIFI!!! But, I will try by best in the morning! So, If you have an idea on what you think should happen next, tell me by commenting below! It would mean soo much to me! Thanks!.xx ********


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