Beautiful Pain

Teddi has been beatin, brusied and neglected by her mother ever since her dad left them. One day her mother pushes her over the edge by throwing a beer bottle at her and it smashing into the back of her left arm. Raged, she packs a bag and leaves for the ER and not planning to come back. In the parking lot she passes out and an innocent bystander to the rescue. Harry to the rescue I should say. Once Harry helps Teddi he feels a deep connection between them. He feels as though he's responsible for her. Keeping her safe is becoming one of his first priorities. Not only for a crack in the road but of her abusive mother. Will he keep her out of the harmful grasp of her own mother or will she slip away back into a dark painful life?


8. boat

Harry's POV:

It's been about two hours since we left the dock. All of us were now stranded with eachother for the next couple of hours. I sat on the front of the boat next to Teddi and Zayn. Niall, Louis and Liam were in the water.

       "I'll go get some beers." I said standing up and walking over to the cooler we had brought aboard. I grabbed three and sat back down. I handed one to Zayn. I offered one to Teddi but she stared at it like it was some evil potion that I was goin to shove it down her throat.

"No, no." she said quickly. "I don't drink." I could see her remembering something that she didn't want to and that it made her mad and fearful. That irritated me a little and Zayn took it from me. I brushed it off my shoulders now, pretending not to notice, but I was going to ask her later. I had to know about some of these things that obviously caused her pain. I felt as if I knew I could take the pain away, lifting it off her shoulders.

"Come in the water!" Niall shouted over to us, his blonde hair messily pushed to the side.

"I'm not getting my hair wet!" Zayn shouted, waving his first in the air like a cranky old man.

"I will!" I shouted over to them. I stripped my shirt off and looked over at Teddi laying dwon on the white floor of the boat. She met my gaze and I reached my had out to her. She took it and I pulled her up into my hold. "Would you like to join me?" I asked her with my lips close to her ear. She shivered thinking of the moment a few hours ago coming back to her.

"No, that's alright.'' she softly said back.

"You sure bout that?" I asked pressing soft lips to her ear. She gasped and pulled away quickly, not wanting me to go on in front of the guys. She nodded her head and let me lead her to the edge of the boat.

"You first." she whispered. I smiled and nodded I let go of her hand and jumped in quickly.  It was alittle cold but it felt good from the hot summer Australian sun. When I came back up and turned around, I saw Teddi sit back down on the boat with a smile on her face.

 "Come on Teddi! It feels great!" Liam chanted.

"I can't" she told him.

"Oh, come on!" Louis shouted. "Get in the water!"

"I can't!"

"Yes!" I argued back

"No Harry!" She giggled.

"Why not?!" I asked her with a lightness to my tone


"Because why?!"

"Because I can't swim!" she confessed with an embarassed smile on her face. Zayn then got up and started talking to her because he too couldn't swim once. I decided to hoist my self up off the ladder and come by her side. She nodded to Zayn and he walked to the other side of the deck. He opened the white box and pulled out a black life vest and came to hand it to her.

"So we'll put this in the water and you can sit on it." he shrugged. Teddi looked at the life vest as if betting if it would keep her life and by her look she didn't fully trust it. I guided her and I down the ladder first and held us to the metal ladder, keeping us up. Zayn then tossed the vest into the water and Teddi then carefully sat onto of it and realized she was actually floating in the water

"Thanks." she said up to  Zayn as he walked away, she then looked at me.

"I'll teach you how to swim." I assured her as I swam closer to her.

She just looked down and giggled. "I cant believe I still don't know how to swim." she shook her head.

"It's okay." I told her "Zayn didn't know until after the band." And that is what made her feel better, with a little chuckle.


Harry's POV:

 We sat on the front of the boat now,bundled up in our towels, watching the setting sun. We were just talking, but it was a fun conversation.

"It wasn't my falt! I was all tied up!" Niall pleaded, sharing a story of his dramatic childhood. We all just laughed at him.

"Oh, just hand me another beer." He said to Louis. I realized about an hour ago that if anyone mentioned the word beer, took a sip, or even touched their bottles she almost cringed and just looked at her hands. There was something bad in her past that had to do something with alcohol. I had to know what it was because it bothered me that it seemed to cause her so much discomfort.

I looked at her while Niall opened the bottle and took a drink. Looking up from her hands she looked at me and I gazed into her beautiful, gold eyes. I saw hidden deep, there was fright she and was trying to mask it with a smile. I scooted to her and put my arm around her shoulders as if saying "I see your pain but don't worry, I'm here." she liked it and rested her head on my bare chest.

I kissed the top of her head and could still feel a distant dampness in her long corn silk hair. I had an over whelming urge to lift her chin up and kiss her passionately on the lips. I restricted myself though. She was scared and I had to get her to open up before I could finally show her I wanted her. Once I kiss her there is no going back.

The Niall and Liam were holding a weird conversation that I didn't even want to question.

Teddi looked up at me and I smiled at her. She didn't quite know what to say as a few thoughts crossed her mind with the look in her eyes. I felt like she didn't have to say anything. Silence was just as great as talking but I did love to hear the small ring in her voice so I asked her what she was doing later tonight.

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