Beautiful Pain

Teddi has been beatin, brusied and neglected by her mother ever since her dad left them. One day her mother pushes her over the edge by throwing a beer bottle at her and it smashing into the back of her left arm. Raged, she packs a bag and leaves for the ER and not planning to come back. In the parking lot she passes out and an innocent bystander to the rescue. Harry to the rescue I should say. Once Harry helps Teddi he feels a deep connection between them. He feels as though he's responsible for her. Keeping her safe is becoming one of his first priorities. Not only for a crack in the road but of her abusive mother. Will he keep her out of the harmful grasp of her own mother or will she slip away back into a dark painful life?


9. 2day

Teddi's POV:

Yesterday was alot of fun. To bad I fell alseep on the way home because Harry said he wanted to take me somewhere. I didn't know where and I wasn't really sure what he wanted to do and I'm not sure if he knows all I would want to do is go out on a date. I'm not even sure if he would call it a date. But I do trust Harry. I was now sittting in a chair with my head phones on, looking in on the boys doing their interview through a glass window. Harry looked over to me and smiled. I smiled and waved and he went back into the conversation.

"Well, we've got a few questions for Harry." Said the lady standing to the right, behind the little table. "We've saw you guys yesterday on a boat in the harbor, how was that?"

"Really fun." He said smiling to himself.

"Well, we've seen a couple of pictures of you boys, but not just you, a girl." My head shot up and my eyes widened in fear. There were pictures of me. Oh my god.  "So, Harry, we posted some pictures on our website and could you care to explain this?" she turned the monitor to let him see, it was him and me last night with my head on his chest and his arm around me.

"Oh, no." I whispered to myself. I watched his face carefully and he just smiled like it was a great picture.

"What's her name?" the guy asked.

"Teddi." he answered with a hint of joy in his voice.

"Oh, so she is..?"

"A friend." he smiled even bigger, "A very good friend."

"Well, I didn't really get that felling of  just friends when I saw this," the lady said clicking to another picture. It was Harry wrapping his arms around my waist and putting his lips close to my ear. The smile on his face softened and there was a glow about him.

" I dunno, it seems friendly to me. I was just talking to her quietly." he shrugged his shoulders like no big deal but with a grin on his face that says it was. Harry just looked at me through the glass and giving me a very warm, genuine smile.

"Is that her through there?" the guy asked looking between us.

"Yeah, that's Teddi." Niall said. They all looked over to me and I smiled shyly.

"Well, isn't she a beauty." he smiled at me.

"Yeah. She's great." Liam continued about me and they all exchanged different glances. Some saying how genuine the comment was and others looking a bit shocked I was here for a second and third day.

 "How did you guys meet?" the girl asked him.

"I swept her off the ground in a parking lot." Harry said looking over at me and giving me a wink.

"You mean off her feet?" Said the lady, confused.

"Yeah, something like that." Harry's smile got even wider.

"And this?"  She scrolled to the last picture of Harry and I in the water, as he held to the ladder.

"Well, we found out that she actually couldn't swim so she got in and I held us up to make sure she wouldn't drown while Zayn tossed the life vest in so she could have a sit on it." he said matter-of-factly. Everyone just looked at him and he looked at me. I could tell he liked the pictures. It seemed as though he was telling me they were okay and not to worry. So I let it go.

"Well, thanks you guys for coming to visit us and good luck with your tour coming up in the next couple of months." she smiled and they were off the air. The boys shook their hands and walked out the room. Immediantely Harry walked to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders,

"We need to talk when we get back." He whispered low into my ear. I smiled and nodded my head. We left the building and went back to the hotel. The car ride was quick with everyone holding their own conversations. I talked to Zayn an Liam the entire ride back and they were hilarious. Back at the hotel, Harry took my hand and led me into his room and shut the door.

"Okay," he started taking a deep breath, unsure of where to start. I was actually quite nervous. Was he going to tell me the pictures were awful and that I needed to leave right now. Maybe even say that I should never speak his name again and tell everyone it was just a joke. I don't know how I could emotionally do that. But, I wouldn't let Harry see how he would push me off an edge if he did that. I would have to fall silently.  "Last night I noticed that every time someone would even say the word beer, you would have this dark, lengthy, despair in your eyes. What's going on love?"

Harry's POV:

I asked her what was up and she looked at me with her big golden eyes. I noticed how it seemed to be hard for her. That I had taken her by surprise by my choice of topic. she drew in a big breath,

"My mom.. was a drunk." she said to me.

"She was?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah." she drew in another breath, shakily, "Since my dad left my mom went straight to alcohol. It was alright in the beginning but it just seemed to get worse and worse."

   she looked up at me with unsure eyes. I realized I was standing over her on the bed and our height differences where dramatic. She was well under two feet shorter than me sitting down. I guess she was slightly uncomfortable with my over bearing presence over her so I took a seat beside heron the over plush bed.  "One night she beat me," she continued, "and screamed at me that I was the reason for my dad leaving us. I began to believe her. Month after month it just spiraled out of control. She would have parties and everyone would be drunk. For entertainment she would hit me and keep doing it because people would laugh. In the morning she would yell at me for hurting myself and she wouldn't remember that she was the one that did it. she didn't care though. Every night she would just drink more and more and I hated it. It is the worst feeling in the world to think you were the reason that your dad left and your mom is a drunk."

         she looked up and had huge tear marks down her face. I sat her in my lap and I held her tightly to my chest. She locked her arms around my neck, tears soaking my shirt. "The night you found me," she continued on," she had a friend over. She was going on and on and on about how my dad was a piece of crap and how much of a disappointment I was and how she didn't know where she went wrong with me. I told her that she was the reason Dad left us and-" I big sob escaped her lips and I put my hand on her head, cradling her. "She was so drunk, she threw the beer bottle at me and hit me in my arm. That's why I passed out in the parking lot when you found me, and thank god you did.  I don't where I'd be if you hadn't been there. I could be dead, or sitting out on the street. Thank you."

      she looked up at me and I just sat there and stared at her. How could she be so nice and caring with such a cruel, taunting past? My heart seemed to be breaking inside of me and a big noise came from the door. All the boys rushed in and created a big group hug. All of them had tears in their eyes.

   It must have been a long while since she's been able to tell anyone how she's felt. I could tell there was a glow about her that was relief and over all joy. I adored to see how the colors in her eyes would change at any moment. I was now staring into them with deep meaning. I learned forward and landed my lips on the base of her neck, moving the silky hair that hid it from me.

 I placed my hand on the opposite hip and moved in closer to her. Carefully and slowly I worked up and down her neck, making her gasp in a pleasured way. I could tell no one had ever kissed her like this before and it was all new. Carefully I began to shift my body weight infront of her, trying to see how far her limits were.

I coaxed he to start to bend her back but quickly she rolled her head to he side, making me loose contact with her skin and sat up straight. I looked at her face as she stared down at her lap. She held a face of embarrassment as she tucked her hair behind her left ear, telling me sorry but no.

   She wasn't that kind of girl that I'm used to that would just do anything, and I liked it.

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