Deep. Dark. Past.

15 year old Katie, is your average teenage girl. However she has a deep dark past nobody knows about her younger life. When she meets THE Harry Styles she realizes he's falling for her, and she's falling for him. Katie knows Harry will flip out if he finds out about her past and he'll leave her. Katie doesn't want Harry to leave so she doesn't tell him. But when Katie realizes Harry is the one she will be with forever will she finaly tell Harry? Or will she keep her past inside of her? Read to find out(:


1. About me

Hi! I'm Katiee(: i am 15 years old!! I am basically your average teenage girl, i'm pretty, smart, and athletic! I love partying and i love one direction! However I have a past that nobody know about...
I guess I could tell you guys. When I was 2 my mom died in a car crash. I lived with my dad and 3sisters and 2 brothers. My dad abused us. He hit us and burned our skin. It was the worst childhood ever. My father died when I was 9. For 7 years I was brutally abused. My dad had cancer and he passed away when he was 30. Me and my siblings were sent to foster care. While I was there I witnessed my brother Ryan get stabbed by another kid at the care home. It was one of the most goury moments ever. After he died is when I started cutting. 2 of my sisters (Alexis&Stephanie) got really sick and died in the foster care home as well. When i was adopted the people who adopted me wouldn't adopt my siblings as well as me. So I havn't seen them in almost 7 years. And i probably never will see them again. I was really happy at first with my adopted parents. But then, my "dad" started abusing me. I started cutting and tried to commit suicide 4 times. I still live with my adopted parents. If i left I'd be on my own. I wouldn't be alive and I wouldn't have the most amazayn boyfriend Harry Styles. I love him sooo much. More then anything. This is my story of how I found the love of my life(:
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