The Abandoned Joy

"The Abondoned Joy" is one of those poems which portrays the hard and difficult life children around the world face. It has an in-depth portrait of life around the world, what these children go through every day and it equally brings out the strength and power of these children despite their age and size.

In this poem, the persona even though still a child knows that live is cruel to him and knows that there is a great contrast between him and other children else where.

He sends out his cries in a mature way rather than the childish and innocent way expected of him. All these hardships make the persona to come in terms with his condition and this makes him a stronger person even though he is an orphan.


1. N/A

With pain and unspeakable heat

I bend to plough the soil that gives me food.

Whether cold, hot, warm or moist, i was in mood

To make the cutlass, rake and hoe my best of friends.


I learned a long time ago

Never to depend to make a go,

I, being a bastard as some may say,

I take my bath with tears cold as hay.

My crying voice was music for the people at bay.


Born with one borne

And breathed with agony,

I became the fear of my very self,

while growing up like an elf.


The forest is my playing ground

With hectares,acres I could count.

The monkeys, trees and leaves are my friends

With bond so close that never ends.


The taste of milk i did not know

Nor the scent of a mother known

To me as being something of my own.

I know the birds of the sky by name

And tell the change of season as game


Being in harmony with the winds,

Then loving the fields, hills and greens,

The birds of the sky and fishes of the seas,

I am the abandoned joy.

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