the dead dummy a new movella

about a dummy who comes into a family but not such a nice dummy after all he swings his axe and murders the children and the adults become no more...
a horror story suppous to be scary


1. welcome home dummy

a shady figure immergered from the shadows the bright blue eyes shone in the darkness footsteps dragged along the floor and a devious grin appeared on the strangers face the stranger heard somebody come outside and immediatley fell to the ground acting just like a dummy would the human (Cecil) picked the dummy up you see hes a collector and he knows his children would absolutley love this new dummy so he took it inside and made sure he was in perfect condition before he let his children have a glimpse the children were shell shocked with happiness they sat next to the dummy whos name was Cecil Jr they laughed and giggled as their father operated him as the fun begand (Cherry) the mother demanded the children went to bed as the last went upstairs from the basement the dummy tilted his head, smiled and stared .

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