"Thoughts" is a very dear piece to me. Tough with its few lines and easy words, it harbors my deepest secret in life. "Thoughts" was envisioned in a world of social, religious and psychological restrictions.

It tells a story of a person being restricted even by his own body and self.It is actually a peon which can be related with a whole lots of levels. I think any person on earth can relate to it in one way or another.


1. Two

What is life

When you feel restricted

By your own being?

You try to be a normal person

Just by giving yourself many reasons.


Who am I?

what am I?

Where do I come from?

Yes, i know God created me.

But why am I so different?

Is it me or is it the world?


My nights are spent

By flowing the tears

And thoughts I could rent

To anyone who cares.


We are all demon bound

But mine are so around

They lift me off the ground

To places not Profound.

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