A Spooky Night

A spooky night with trick and treat. Lots of fun to be had by all. Witches and brooms.


1. A Spooky Night

A spooky night

With children  all around

Running door to door

To get their treat

But where is the trick

"Oh my", it is under their feet

Stuck like glue

Mommy and daddy

Come along

Whispering and smiling

Lust is everywhere

A look between

A pat on the rear

Daddy scream as his pants pop

Something jumps out

Voice says

Where is my cat

With a purr

It is open

As daddy slides in

Moaning and getting deeper

It opens wider

Goes so deep

It is stuck

Can't get out

Push and pull

Out it "pops"

"oh no", it is wet

Out of the sky

A witch comes

Riding along

Yells goodnight to all

A spooky night


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