Rosalie Anna-Beth Wallace, also known as Anna-Beth Roberts, is the biggest bank-robber of her time, with her step-brother, Kyle Roberts. Because of that Roses mother dies in cancer, she has a relationship with Kyle, and they move to US to be bank-robbers.
When they are the most wanted people in the whole world, they do a small mistake, but big enough to get Rosalie in prison for a lifetime.
Lucky for them, they have a friend who's a police, and helps her escape the prison, after little more than a year. She don't know how to contact Kyle, and moves to her extra appartment in London. She finds a 'work' as a stripper, and so she should have something to do, she takes it.
And that's when the famous boyband comes in the picture. You'll see how if you just read.

Please take notice to that I'm from Sweden, and is only 11 y/o. So my english is far away from perfect.


3. Meetings and a lie


Louis Tomlinson's POV

I stood on the small balcony, outside of the party that was going on inside. I looked down to the small alley under my feet when I heard the sound of high heels on the ground, to see a silhouette walk there, two bigger right behind.

As quick as I could, I found Liam, and was slightly relieved that he couldn't drink.

”Liam, we gotta go ouside, now”, I said quiet, but so he could hear me. He just nodded, and followed me outside, to the small alley.

”Hey!” I shouted. ”What are you doing?!”

The two men turned around, and started to walk to us. I walked forwards them, hitting both of them quickly, before they had any chance punching me. Liam had rushed to the girl, and now held her in his arms. I looked around, and saw a purse, which i took, guessing it was hers.

”We take her to your and Harrys flat, she seems to have fainted or something”, Liam said, and we started walking the almost hundered meters to the flat.

”Lay her in my bed. I'll take the couch, you can sleep in Harrys bed”, I said when ge got to the appartment I shared with Harry.

”I'll take the couch, it's your flat”, he answered instantly, while laying the girl down on Harrys bed, instead of mine.

”Yes, and you're my guest. So go to bed, and I'll sleep on the couch. End of conversation”, I said, and quickly got to the couch, where I took my clothes of and then layed down, with one of the quilts over my body. I don't remember much more of that night, so I guess I fell asleep.


Rosalie Wallace's POV

When I woke up, it was not in the alley, where I was going to meet them. I layed down in a comfy bed, only wearing underwear. Shit. I opened my eyes quick, and was blinded by the morning light a few seconds. When I could see clearly, I looked around in the room. It was a boy's, I thought for myself as i saw the dirty clothes and boxers on the floor, and as quickly as I could, I stood up, took the cap and put in on, and took my high heeled shoes that stood beside the king sized bed.

I opened the closed door, and sneeked out, and looked around. Dirty, really dirty. I sneeked to the hall, when I heard i voice. Such lovely voice... But I recognized it. Liam. Liam, my first crush. Liam, the boy I wanted to be with. Liam, the bullied boy, that I betrayed. Kind of.

”Louis, you awake?” He asked. Probably to a person called Louis.

Shit. They brought me here. What if they knew who I was? I didn't have my purse. Shit shit shit. I pannicked, and looked around. My purse was nowhere to be seen.

”Mmh”, I heard I tired voice say. ”What?”

”That girl from yesterday. I think I recognize the girl we found yesterday. Don't know where from, though...” Liam mumbled.

”Okay. So? Maybe she's a fan?”

Fan? Of what? Their band? Ha, no way. But it wasn't good. That he remembered me, I mean.

”I don't know. It doesn't feels like that. And one more things... She only weared a bra and undies, under the jacket. Just so you know...”

”Oh. What did they look like?”, Louis asked, which made me laugh a bit.

That made Liam look at me, and Louis sat and looked at me to.

”I... Was just gonna get going. Have you seen my purse?”

”Yeah, I took it with me... Wait...”, Louis got up from the couch, and as soon as I saw that he was only wearing boxers, I looked away.

”Here it is... Oh. You don't have to look away...” He said a little awkwardly and handed me my purse.

”Thanks”, I smiled, and looked at him again, but at his face.

”Can't you stay? Just for a short while?” Louis asked, and did something like a puppy-face.

”You heard what Liam said. I ain't wearing any clothes. So I think I should get home”, I answered, even if I wanted to stay a little more.

”Okay... I'll drive you there, you fix yourself what ever you want to do, and then I'll drive you back here?” It wasn't really a question, but I nodded anyways.

”I'll go put on some clothes then...” He mumbled as he walked away, into a room.

I sat there in the hall, putting on my shoes, when Liam came up to me.

”Why aren't you... Wearing any clothes?”, he asked me.

”My job for now, 'til I find something better”, I mumbled as an answer.

”Oh... I'm Liam, by the way. What's your name?”, he asked, smiling soft.

I thought about telling him, but no, that wouldn't be such good idea... ”Who doesn't know that your name is Liam?” I giggled. ”I'm Anna-Beth.”

For a moment he didn't seem pleased with name I said, but then smiled again. ”I don't know, old people?”

”Yeah, maybe.”

Louis came back, now with a striped T-shirt and jeans, and said ”you ready?”

”Uhm yeah, just help me up”, I smiled, and held out my hand, which he took and pulled me up on my feet.

”Let's go”, he said, and we walked out to his car, and then he drove me to my own flat.

”You live here?!”, Louis said when we got in the apartment. Well, it was the top floor, so it was as big as the three apartments under our feet, at every single floor.

”For now, got an house in LA, but yeah”, I said. ”So what?”

”You're rich”, he said.

”Yeah, you're rich too”, I just answered. ”Make yourself home, and I'll go put on some clothes and fix stuff.”

With that I walked to my room, chose new undies and bra, high waisted jeans, and a pinegreen jumper, and a white pair of nike-sneakes, and then laid them at the bed, and then got into the shower.

I didn't get my hair get, which I was glad for, cause if I did, it would've taken me forever to get it dry. When I was done I wrapped a fluffy towel around me, and got out of the little bathroom that was connected to my bedroom.

I pulled on my clothes quickly, leaving the towel on the bathroom floor after that when I brushed my hair, and putted on mascara, and dark red lipstick.

”Pack a bag also, 'cuz you ain't goin' home for a while now!”, Louis shouted, and I nodded, yeah, before I realised that It was a wall between us. Hmpf, I'm so not-smart right now.

”Okay!”, I shouted back at him. I pulled out a bag out of my small walk-in-closet, and pulled down random clothes which landed in the bag, inclusive underwear, make-up, a brush and my straightener.

”Done!”, I shouted, and got out of the room, holding the bag on my left shoulder.

”Can we bring these games?”, Louis asked, holding three video games in his hands. ”We haven't got ours yet... You into these kind of stuff?”

”Yeah. And sure, just check so it's the right disc in it”, I said and shrugged.

”Yep”, he said, popping the p, after checking by open and close them.

”Great. Let's go, then?”

”Let's go. Let me just take your bag”, he said me, and we walked out to the car again, when I had ran into my room again, picking my phone and keys up.


When we got to his flat again, there was three more boys there. One blondie with sparkling blue eyes – the eyes reminded me so much of Kyle it hurt – who introduced himself as Niall, one with brown curly hair and green eyes called Harry, and one with black hair and dark brown eyes, and was called Zayn.

“So, how old are you?”, Louis asked, as we sat down in the leather couch, on our way to play halo.

“Nineteen in one week”, I smiled.

“Nice. Then we'll have to celebrate.”

“Yeah!”, the other boys agreed.

“Okay then.”, I said and shrugged.

They didn't have any idea of who I was. Maybe I should start over again? Maybe that's better. Who knows?

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