Rosalie Anna-Beth Wallace, also known as Anna-Beth Roberts, is the biggest bank-robber of her time, with her step-brother, Kyle Roberts. Because of that Roses mother dies in cancer, she has a relationship with Kyle, and they move to US to be bank-robbers.
When they are the most wanted people in the whole world, they do a small mistake, but big enough to get Rosalie in prison for a lifetime.
Lucky for them, they have a friend who's a police, and helps her escape the prison, after little more than a year. She don't know how to contact Kyle, and moves to her extra appartment in London. She finds a 'work' as a stripper, and so she should have something to do, she takes it.
And that's when the famous boyband comes in the picture. You'll see how if you just read.

Please take notice to that I'm from Sweden, and is only 11 y/o. So my english is far away from perfect.


4. Flashback no.2 - "She's dying, Rose."

Rose's POV

"Rose, come down here sweetie!", My mom said loud, and I did as she said, when I didn't do anything fun anyways.

"What, mom?", I asked. There was another man in the living room sitting beside her, with his arm around her shoulders.

"Rose, I'd like you to meet Thomas, my ... well, husband, soon", she smiled. "We're engaged."

"Hi there", I said sweet, even if I did not like my mother to meet someone new.

"Hello", he answered, and smiled.

"Um... I got home work to do, sorry", I excused myself, backing to the staircase.

"Okay honey, but we're going out for dinner tonight, so be ready with a bit more nice clothes by seven o'clock. 'Kay?"

"'Kay", I smiled, then almost runned up to my room again. Phew. I looked down at my sweatpants and hoodie. Okay, I could put on some nicer clothes than this. So I took a skirt - yeah, I liked skirts - in an ivory white color which ended a bit over my knees, and a neon pink camisole I stuffed in the skirt,  then I was happy with the outfit.

I straightened my hair, and put mascara on, then I layed in the bed again, pulling out my homework from my backpack.


"Hello, I'm Kyle", a boy with the most sparkling blue eyes I've ever seen said, and smiled.

"Hi, Rose", I answered him and smiled back.

"Rosalie", my mother corrected me, she didn't exactly like my nicknames from school I've got through the years. "Shall we sit down?"

"Of course",Thomas said, pulling out my mothers chair for her and she giggled. Wow, she finally enjoys her youth. She was only 36 years old, stupid and naive as she was when she thought she could live happily ever after with my dad who commited suicide because of depression, when she gave birth to me. 

I sat down beside my mother, opposite to Kyle, thankfully. Well, no, I didn't really like Thomas. Why? I don't know, it just doesn't feel like he is a man to be trusted, to me. Yeah, wierd.


"Have you ever thought about... I don't know, how villains has it? I mean, if they're good, wouldn't they be kinda happy this all the money and stuff?", Kyle asked me one night, sitting on the floor beside my bed, whgere I was laying on my back. He and Thomas had now moved in with us, because we had a pretty big house, big enough for two more people.

"Not really. Why?"

"I don't know. But think about it. What would you like to do, if you could be any kind of villain?"

"Bank robber, I think. With all the money they get, they must live pretty nice."

"Yeah, I guess so. But not a murderer, eh?"

"No. Every man have their right to live", I stated. 

" Yeah, right", Kyle murmured, and then turned his head to look at me. "Do you like my father?"

"Why are you asking that?"

"I don't know. He's a twofaced person, you've seen that, huh?"

"Yeah. It's pretty creepy."

"So, you don't like him?"


"Me neither." He got up from the floor, and started walking out of my room. "If something happened with this new family, would you leave with me?" He said and stopped, not looking at me though.

I thought about it some seconds before i answered. Would I come with the boy with the most sparkling eyes in the world, if something happened? Did he like me, like I liked him, maybe?



- Two months later -

I showed up at the hospital to see if my mother had gotten any better.

Outside of her room I was stopped by Thomas, who layed his hands on my shoulders.

"What?", I asked him. "Why can't I go in there?"

"Rose... I don't think that is such good idea."

I ignored him and got in anyways, to see her asleep, looking a lot more worse than before.

"What happened?", I asked, confused and scared.

"She's dying, Rose."

"No! She can't!", I cried, running to her bed and taking her hand.

"She cancer has spread. She'll be dead in a few weeks, I'm so sorry", he explained without feelings.

I started crying the worst sort, tears streaming down my face as my knees fold under me.

I just sat there, maybe for hours, crying.

I've lost her. The only thing I really really cared about. Now all I had left was a stupid stepdad and his more attractive son. No, I wouldn't count Tom in. And Liam? He probably hates me by now.

I needed to get out of here. So I did. I left Wolverhampton with Kyle, without a single word to anyone. We moved to London, where I finished school. We we're on our way now, to be the biggest bankrobbers this world have ever seen. And nothing could possibly stop us.




God, I'm so sorry for the long time it took for me to update, but I've been at the hospital several times and now got a scar in my face, and with all that is going on in school before christmas break, it has not been that much time by a computer.

- Notice that I took away one of Rose's abilitys, so she cannot aim that good. Felt like she was pretty much perfection, if she could. Yeah ..

XOXO, Klara.

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