Rosalie Anna-Beth Wallace, also known as Anna-Beth Roberts, is the biggest bank-robber of her time, with her step-brother, Kyle Roberts. Because of that Roses mother dies in cancer, she has a relationship with Kyle, and they move to US to be bank-robbers.
When they are the most wanted people in the whole world, they do a small mistake, but big enough to get Rosalie in prison for a lifetime.
Lucky for them, they have a friend who's a police, and helps her escape the prison, after little more than a year. She don't know how to contact Kyle, and moves to her extra appartment in London. She finds a 'work' as a stripper, and so she should have something to do, she takes it.
And that's when the famous boyband comes in the picture. You'll see how if you just read.

Please take notice to that I'm from Sweden, and is only 11 y/o. So my english is far away from perfect.


2. Flashback no.1 - Taken away

The year is  2005.

Liam Payne's POV

"Excuse me?" a angels voice sais with the almost rough scottish acecnt, at the same time that I feel someone knocking on my shoulder, which makes me turn around.

"Yes?", I ask her, and get stunned when I see her face. An angels face.

"Could you be nice and show me to the Math class? I'm new here", a small, insecure smile grows on her face as the speeks to me.

"Sure, love, I'm having math now also, actually. I'm Liam", I says to her. "Come with me."

"Oh, I'm Rosalie, but call me Rose", she says, and giggle a bit.

She's short, and her raid hair goes almost to her waist.

"Here it is, the fabulous math class", I said, stopping in front of and half open door.

"You little nerdy?", she smirks at me, showing her teeth.

"No, you didn't get the sarcasm?", I answered, laughing.

"Oh." She blushed a little, looking down.

"Don't look down, love. Well, shall we go inside?"

"Oh, yeah, right ... After you?"

"Sure", I says, going inside of the room, to see every boy turn around to me, and a evil smirk grows on Tom's face, which makes me stop.

"Liam, why did you stop?", Rose asks me when she gets in beside me, and takes my hand.

Tom's grin dissappears when he sees her. He punches his friends arm, and they turn away.

"Oh, it was nothing."


Because the seat beside mine was the only empty, Rose got to sit there. We had four of six lessons together, which I was glad for. Because, it seemed that Tom didn't want to punch girls.

At lunch she came to sit with me, even though I've seen her making friends with girls.

"Hi", she greeted.

"Hey there, love", I smiled.

"Why don't you sit by the other boys?", she asked.

I cleared my throat, before answering. What if she'll leave me if I told? But I needed to be honest, I knew that. "Well -"

"Hey there love, I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Tom. You're Rosalie, right?"

Tom had walked up to us from 'his' table, and i stared at him.

"Rose. But it's nice to meet you, Tom", she answers him, smiling polite.

"Why don't you come sit with us, lovely?"

"Thanks for the offer, but no thanks. I don't want Liam to sit here all alone", she apologized.

Tom gave me a sharp look, which was easy to understand. He wanted her. And no one get's in Tom Collins way.

"Oh well, can i sit by you then? I would love to get to know you", he said, smiling charmingly.

"Of course!", she answered him.


The next week she almost only spent time with Tom. If I got it right, they we're boyfriend girlfriend.  It felt like he'd forbidden her to talk with me, because she barely greeted me, and only spook to me if we worked in pairs. But I wasn't really bullied any more, just... invisible.

He took my only friend away from me. And he won't pay back, everybody knew that.



This is the first chapter. Flashbacks will not be every first chapters, but sometimes I'll write one. The next chapter, I think will be more 'exciting', or yeah. -xo, KP.

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