Rosalie Anna-Beth Wallace, also known as Anna-Beth Roberts, is the biggest bank-robber of her time, with her step-brother, Kyle Roberts. Because of that Roses mother dies in cancer, she has a relationship with Kyle, and they move to US to be bank-robbers.
When they are the most wanted people in the whole world, they do a small mistake, but big enough to get Rosalie in prison for a lifetime.
Lucky for them, they have a friend who's a police, and helps her escape the prison, after little more than a year. She don't know how to contact Kyle, and moves to her extra appartment in London. She finds a 'work' as a stripper, and so she should have something to do, she takes it.
And that's when the famous boyband comes in the picture. You'll see how if you just read.

Please take notice to that I'm from Sweden, and is only 11 y/o. So my english is far away from perfect.



um, hi there.

I just read the whole story through, and thought "dafuq is this s#!*t ?!", because like.. they don't know each other, and suddeny Louis says that she's going to stay at their house? crazy as fuck, I know.

So yes. I'm not writing anymore at this story, and won't do that until I've really written it all over again, in a better way, and really thinked it through.

Thank you if you are reading this, and yeah. I might come up with another story soon, I think, so please, if you like the way I write, be a fan of me. In that way, you'll see when I start a new movella.

- xx, Klara.

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