The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


9. 9)

As soon as we got back in the suite, father sent me and Omarion to bed straight away. I couldn't even be bothered to talk to any of them, because of what lay ahead. Tomorrow afternoon, I would take part in The Hunger Games. A show in which rich people watch poor people's children die.

Before I could enter the arena, I had to be dressed in an outfit that Lertimer had no say in. But, before all of that, I made sure I ate a big breakfast that day. I knew I would be starving for most of the Games, but I made sure I wouldn't for the first day or so. Baskets of rolls and bowls of hot grain and plates and plates of sausages and bacon. I needed the strength.

In the launch room, I would make sure I drink lots. In past years I'd seen people die of dehydration, and I didn't want that happening to me. I'd rather die with diginity. Being killed by someone else is a lot easier, so I don't have to live with guilt of being so stupid.

If I return.

If I return. The full impact of realisation hit me, that a small, 12 year old girl from District 7 could even hope of returning. And even if I did, it'd never be the same. My brother wouldn't be there. My father would be full of sorrow. Abel would too.

Now, just an hour away from the Games, I begin to worry. What if what my brother said was true? If he was going to protect me in the arena. I'm only twelve, but I can throw knives, and look after myself. Father went into solitude when mother died, so to me, Abel was always a father figure.

Lertimer came in just a few minutes later. She carried a bag full of the clothes I was to wear as long as I could survive for. Out of the bag, she pulled out a black jacket, a black hoodie, a green shirt and black trousers. Also, she had black leather boots with rubber soles.

For the remainder of the time, I sat sipping at water. I was dressed in the clothes, which felt too... new and Capitol made. But, nowdays, everything is Capitol made. But one thing on me isn't Capitol made- my heart.

A gong went off a few minutes later, signalling me to get into my tube. Lertimer gives me a quick hug.

"Say hello to my father for me," I say. "For his sake". She nods and leaves the room. We were never that close anyway. I was glad she left, so I could figure out what I was going to do. What deathly perils would await me above? Sixty seconds, that's all I would have to see my surroundings. The plate began to rise. It rumbled beneath me...

The sun beams happily, almost greeting me. I knew it was fake, but it still had a warm glow. After being blinded momentarily, I scanned the area. To my left, there were buildings and streets, and to my right, there were woods. In front of me, the Cornucopia gleamed, as the rays of the sun bounced off the golden surface.

My brother was two spaces to my right. The countdown was still going down. I could see him scanning the area and then nodding to the right, while looking at me. I jerked my head in a nodding motion.


I'm going to the Cornucopia.


I'm getting the knives.


And a pack.


What about my brother?


What will he get?


Will he even go for the Cornucopia?


Will I even make it?


I'm going for it.







As fast I my legs would carry me, I sprinted for the Cornucopia. I headed for my prizes. The knives were in my hand before he could reach me. I struck down my first kill. I recognised him, from District 2, the big boy with the mallet.

The Games have begun.

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