The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


7. 7)

The rest of the two days I spent with Tetra and Eartha. It turns out that Eartha knows loads about mutts and Tetra is handy with a sword. They congratulated me on using the bow and arrow; a skill I didn't know I had. I decided not show them my knives training, as they may not be as nice as I think they are.

I only met Upala one other time in the two days; during survival. We were being showed how to make tents out of leaves, when she asked me something, that I didn't like;

"So. Your father's your mentor. Your brother's your partner. Where's your mother?"

It wasn't what she said, but they her lips were smirking as if she knew. I wrapped a vine around her neck, tugged it and walked off. Many tributes stared at me, concerned at how strong this 12 year old kid could be in the Games. At least I think that's what they were thinking. Maybe they're thinking that I'm strange.

Who cares? I'm going to die anyway. Probably.

At least my brother made it the last two days. Strangely, none of the Peacekeepers seemed to mind that he only turned up for 2 of 3. 'As long as they get a good show, they don't care', Father would say. He looked disheviled and knackered. I guess he tried his best to join in with our small group, but he thought he was too grown up for us. Serves him right. Who would want a drunken sixteen year old in their group anyway?

Eartha does. Upala does. Nearly every girl in the training centre does. Why, I will never know, but then they don't know who he really is, my brother. He is a complex lad, in his own way. Never taking much interest in his family or anything in fact.

Tomorrow is the last day before the Games begin; at night they will be doing interviews, but before then we'll show the Gamemakers what we can do. But at least this afternoon we can show the Gamemakers what we can actually do, rather than just 'having a go'. I'm not last like District 12. The Gamemakers often get bored by then.

When the first person from District 1 went up to the gates, I began to get nervous. I hugged my brother and stared a the magnificent gates. Golden and encrusted with every colour imaginable. They shone in the artificial light of the Capitol. It was suddenly Eartha's turn to leave, so I hugged her goodbye, knowing the next time we properly meet would be in the Games.

Tetra goes in after his district partner, and I kiss him goodbye. Wow, that was unexpected. A little bit of romance, that's all I need. They then call my name. I squeeze my brother goodbye and head into the golden gates of doom.

I don't think I ever realised how many weapons there were; from blowdarts to crossbows, from knives to swords. My eyes were immediatly drawn to the knives, but something told me to go for the bow and arrows. So, I decided to do a bit of both.

Throwing the knives at the Gamemaker's forcefield wasn't one of my best plans; it was just slightly off centre. They looked pretty shocked though. I must have just kept on going like nothing happened, because the next thing I knew I was shooting arrows at a target, hitting perfect every time.

I left in a hurry.

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