The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


6. 6)

Bells rang out this morning. I don't know why. I don't think I ever will. To see what it was, I rushed into the kitchen, to find my father, alone on the sofa, watching back his own Games. Choked noises were coming from his throat. I wandered over to him and sat down beside him. Hugged him. We didn't speak. We just watched.

His Games was as different as any other. It was only the 10th year. Near the podiums, there was a massive wasteland, with a jungle to their left and a thumb shaped mountain on their right. The countdown was as tense as we were watching it. My father ran straight into the Cornucopia, grabbing two packs and an axe. He headed straight for the thumb mountain, because the rest of the tributes had gone into the jungle.

In the bloodbath there had been 12 deaths, which meant 12 left already. The first three proper deaths were three of the Careers, caught by wild dogs that came out of the Cornucopia. Up the mountain, my father had found two people from Districts 4 and 12, named Areth (4,female) and Tamar (12, female).

That's who I was really named after. Not my grandmother who fought in the Dark Days, but a tribute girl from District 12. The trio trekked to the top of the mountain, where they found another two tributes called Omarion (3, male) and Abel (5, male). My father has been a liar, he named us all after tributes from his Games. He is a sad man.

After 3 days of no deaths, the Gamemakers got bored, and created a landslide, which killed his three children's tributes and badly injured him. He could barely limp, when the others ditched him, saying he was a waste of energy, and it was getting too close to the end. They took off without a goodbye.

He was left alone in the desert, with an axe, two packs and delirium. That's when the Careers came. That's when the delirium kicked in. Single blows to the head finished off all 4 of the Careers. They were down to the final 5.

The rest of the day, he spent travelling to the Cornucopia, and the night he used all the supplies. Every last bit. He was seriously mental. A few days later, a feast was prepared for them. Tributes were from Districts 6,7,9 and 11 (both from 7). On a table there was 5 boxes with the District numbers on it. My father grabbed all of them and waited for them, in the mouth of the Cornucopia.

They all came at once. My father killed two tributes from 6 and 11. But, he couldn't bring himself to kill his own District partner. She fled, and they were the only two left, apart from 9. Forestfires led them all back to the centre. Dad was badly injured, his leg was almost coming off, when it happened. It was so quick you could barely see it. The flash of lightning that killed the boy from 9.

It left them. They dragged themselves towards each other. They gave each other a quick hug and left in opposite directions. Rain began to fall. Not just any rain-acid rain. He watched her disintegrate in front of him.

Disturbed. Like the rest of the victors.


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