The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


5. 5)

We jump off our chariot. Cheering was only a miniscule part of the noise that was being made. Chatting, sirens going off and other districts was the rest of the noise. I was dragged into a lift where I was shot upwards. My father and Jamal were in the lift, but I couldn't see Omarion anywhere. This worried me.

Why was everyone feeling sick? What overcame us in that stadium? Maybe it was the sickness of cruelty to the Districts and their children. The lift continued going upwards, until it reached Floor 7.

The suite we were to stay in was amazing. All of the furniture was green with 7's on them to match our district. My bed was the best bit. Whisper any food you like into the bedstead and it appears instantly on my bedside table. Still no sign of Omarion.

"Where is he?" I screamed at 2am, the first day of training. I had stayed up all night, waiting for him to come to the suite. No doors slammed, so no Omarion. He was 15, after all. Not one person came to check if I was OK. It was was 2am, after all.

Several hours later, I reawaken to find Jamal rapping at my door. I am rescrubbed by my prep team one last time and then sent down to the training centre in a green outfit with the number 7 on my arm. Everyone else was dressed according to their district: I felt sorry for 12. Distrcit 1 looked magnificent, and so did 2. The rest of us were ok.

My brother made no appearence. A trainer briefed us on what we had to do, and told us what stations there were and the 4 ones that were compulsory: Survival, combat, a weaponry of some sort and camoflauge. She lets us all go nd do whatever we like. I remember I have 3 days, so I decide not to go for he combat side of things. Instead, I went to the fire making station, with the girl from District 11. She was really sweet, and only 2 years older than me. Her name was Upala. I wasn't very good at making a fire, but she helped me. Hopefully I could be in her alliance team.

After a while I went to the knot tying station with the boy from 4 and the girl from 3. Their names were Tetra and Eartha. I definetly want to be in their alliance teams, because District 4 are really good at knot tying and 3 know how to work any sort of gadgets, even though Eartha is 15 and Tetra is 14.

The Games are starting to become interesting.

I ate lunch with them two and Upala. I think we could be a good alliance team. But we need one more boy for Tetra, so he doesn't feel lonely. That's were Omarion comes in. If we can find him. None of the other allys like their district partners, but he's my brother, so I have to like him, right?

He's been a real pig lately. I haven't seen him since the chariots. Maybe he was with father. Perhaps he wants to be alone, and not turn up to training. If he was with one of the girl tributes, well, that's a different matter.

Travelling around with Tetra and Eartha was quite fun. We spent the rest of the day trying our hands at muttation trivias. There was no sign of my brother until after dinner. Me, my father and Jamal had just finished a massive basket of rolls with custard and hot chocolate when he walked in. We were all in high spirits, after I'd told father I'd made three friends.

He staggered in, reeking of drink of some sort and fell over. Father just shook his head. This may have happened to him when he was a tribute. But he was 18 when he was a tribute, and old enough to drink. Why would he do this at such a crucial time? Why even do this at all?

He stopped moving. Paramedics came and dragged him away. I was as shocked as my father was. Although, Jamal was the worst. He was raging, cursing and screaming. Obviously, we couldn't lose a boy tribute, not at such a late stage in the build up to the Games.

When we were younger, Omarion was always getting ill, but somehow, he always pulled through. The worst time was when our mother died, and he fell deathly ill. Dad couldn't help him or nurse him to health, because he was too wrapped up in his own thoughts about Mum to even speak or eat. Abel had to step in. He never cared much for mother, as the oldest, and the strongest, he was always independent.

That's why they're so different. One cares to less. The other cares too much.




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