The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


4. 4)

Jamal was estactic about getting to the Capitol all day. He expected us to arrive there at around 6pm, and he went on about how we should dress and talk and stand and sit.  My dad just rolled his eyes, shoved Jamal aside and told us how it really is;

"Omarion, you need to be charming, but caring for your little sister, brutal but calm. Tamar, you need your innocence turned up to the full, that will win the crowds!" My dad went into hysterics afterwards, and two red headed men dragged him away.

"Who was that?" I asked. Everyone gave me cold stares. I didn't understand why, so I left and went to my room. Soon after, my brother knocked on my door. I could see him through the little window on my door. Trying to rattle the door was difficult. Trying to open it was even harder.

Locked. The door was locked. I screamed my head off until the red headed person opened the door. He tilted his head sideways as if to ask what was the matter, but I said nothing. Another person came into the room. I couldn't tell who it was, as I was rolling round the floor, screaming.

They looked disturbed.

After a few hours, we arrived. The Capitol. People dressed in bright clothes with skin different colours from the lightest blue to the darkest red. They had weird makeup on and were cheering for us. I went up too the window and started waving at the screaming crowds.

Jamal tried to encourage Omarion to wave too, but he just ignored Jamal. Like he does to my father. Maybe that's why they've never been close; he just ignore's him. I wonder why all the time, because Dad get's on with Abel just fine... Unless. No. He can't hate Omarion for my mother's death. It must be connected. Somehow. That's why Omarion volunteered. He thinks Dad doesn't care if he lives or dies.

He's wrong.

Tonight is the night we are shown off to the Capitol. We are put in chariots and danced like puppets. President Barber is always the person at the end of the many threads. I just hope we aren't put in a stupid costume like most of the other tributes from previous years.

As the night draws ever closer, we are thrown off the train into a desolate white train station. We are then taken off to a room where we are stripped naked and examined. I believe myself to be quite slender, not so thin like the people from Districts 11 and 12.

My 'examiner', as it were, was a tall woman with the darkest blue hair and a golden face. Her name was Lertimer. From a first look, I could tell I hated her. Hopefully she had good fashion sense. Or even common sense. That would do.

Luckily, I didn't have much leg hair, or hair anywhere else, so all she had to do was style my hair. She let it all hang down, but she bushed it very throughly. Lastly, I had to put on a glistening green dress. My father must have told her to take the sweet and innocent road, because she didn't put any makeup on me. As every tribute does, she put on my district number. Lertimer also attached my mother's Apple and Arrow pin onto my dress.

Then she directed me to my chariot and wished my good luck. Maybe she wasn't so bad. But she was still Capitol filth. I saw my brother standing next to me in a deep green suit, which relaxed me slightly. He groped for my hand and I grabbed it and held it tightly.

Daylight was in the distance. The first chariot had already began to roll out. My heart began to pound. We edged ever closer to the front of the line... we were suddenly outside. Roaring crowds were overhead, just waiting to watch us all die.

Our chariot began to circle the Capitol seal, and President Barber begins to talk. I don't listen to a word, as I begin to feel drowsy, and I see the other tributes are looking the same. Then the whole stadium begins to look ill.

Someone quickly rushes us inside, to the safety of the tunnel.


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