The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


3. 3)

Time stood still. I stopped breathing. Peacekeepers grabbed me and dragged me up the stage. My mentor, my father stood, staring into the depths of the earth. This didn't even surprise me. It was my first time, so I had to be picked. What surprised me most is what came next;

"OK, movings on to the boys..." Jamal tried to sound happy, but he knew my father too well. He sifted in the blue bowl. This person would be my partner.

"Clato Rhine"

I almost fainted, until I heard someone call 'I VOLUNTEER'. Relieved, I sat down, still shaken. Then, I began to shake even more. Hearing my father scream, and Omarion walking up to the stage, I swear I almost died.

The next thing thing I knew I was in a small room with an ensuite. I opened the curtains and realised I was on the train to the Capitol. Forgetting that my district partner was my brother, I walked into the dining compartment. My father sat alone on one table, staring at the trees, knowing that at least one of his precious children would have to die. Omarion and Jamal sat, chatting away, on another table.

Without thinking, I ran over to Omarion and hit him.

"Why did you volunteer for Clato?" I screamed at him, throwing a chair.

"Because I'm going to try and reunite you two, no matter what the cost is," he replied, calmly. This story would be too much for the Capitol. The tributes are brother and sister; the brother volunteered to save his sister's love of her life and are trying to reunite them. We are going to be good with the sponsors.

"Dad, are you going to join us, or be a miserable sod for the rest of your life?" asked Omarion, after much consideration. We all stared at our father.

"I would, if you hadn't have volunteered," said Dad. "I could have had all three of my children home, but now I could only have one or two." His heart was obviously in the wrong place now, filled with the anger replacing the sorrow.

"You've still got to help us," I said quietly. That made everyone jump. It was almost like everyone forget I was still here. Then the food arrived. Everyone was ravenous and ate like animals, apart from Jamal, who sat there quietly, picking at his food.

Three hours later, Jamal called us in to see the reruns of the reapings. We watched all the districts, one by one, send one boy and one girl to fight for life. The tributes from Districts 1 and 2 had volunteers every year. This year, the people that stood out for me were the boy tribute from 4, and the girl tribute from 3.

Then it was our turn. Watching myself being dragged onto the stage was mortifying. My father was in tears. When Jamal read out the boys name, when I collasped into a heap, I saw my two brothers talking, then Omarion shouting 'I VOLUNTEER!' brought Dad to tears again. The crowds on the TV were going wild at the thought of the story. I can't wait for the interview.



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