The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


20. 20)

Around midnight, I find the tree where I hid out for the feast. Sleepily, I curl into my sleeping bag and drift off easily. It has been the longest of days. The Gamemakers can leave me alone, seeing as I've caused enough drama today. 

I awake in the early hours of the morning to the sound of mockingjays. I don't remember them being in the arena at all. Maybe they are traps. Perhaps I should stay away from them. But, meanwhile, I'll enjoy their sweet music while I can. When I get home, it will be chaos. I'll barely have a spare minute to myself. The Capitol's cameras will glare at me from this point onwards. My story will be a tragic, lonesome story, if they show it when I am interviewed on stage. Well, if I make it back. That District 3 boy could be a deranged cannibal for all I know. 

Out of nowhere, I hear screams, which have obviously come from a boys mouth. I untie myself, chuck everything in my bag, and sling the pack on my shoulder. The boy from District 3 climbs the tree almost opposite to me, whereas I descend and begin to run to the Cornucopia. That's where they'd want us to go. 

Then I see them. Hundreds upon hundreds of bloodthirsty rats charging at me. I scurry to where I think the Cornucopia is. Ten minutes later, I find it gleaming in the sunlight. The pack of rats aren't far behind me. Sprinting towards the Cornucopia, I find some abandoned weapons from my late Careers. I pick up an extra two knives and a spear.

Quickly, I climb the smaller end of the Cornucopia, hoping the rats cannot reach that high. At the higher end, I sit down to relax a little. I draw out my largest knife from my jacket pocket, waiting for District 3 and Tetra to get close enough, so I can finish this once and for all.

Far off in the distance, I see the District 3 boy limping towards me from the ruins. His face is bloody, and the rats are almost upon him... then it happens; they encircle him, and begin to gnaw at him. I had to look away from his flesh being ripped away from his body, it was just too gruesome.

It continued for ages; I thought his screaming would never end. He screeched 'help me' so many times, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, not unless I wanted to win this game. Eventually, he cannon sounded, his time had gone. 

It was me or Tetra.

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