The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


2. 2)

I always enjoyed my walks with Clato in the morning. This one was especially tense, because this year we can be chosen to fight. He is 12, just like me, so this is his first time too, but I didn't really care much about that.

"Tamar, do you think I'll be chosen?" he nervously asked.

"It's so unlikely, that there's not point worrying, you're name's only in there once. They're not going to chose you." I replied, with much confidence. I was so worried that I was going to be chosen, I almost blocked out his words.

Throwing knives and axes at the trees was always a good calmer. Knives and plants were my speciality, whilst Clato's was axe-wielding and sword-fighting. The woods in District 7 weren't off bounds, for obvious reasons, as they are in other districts, but weapons were illegal. I knew from the age of 7 I would have to train a little bit before going into the Games.

Looking at the sky, I could tell it was nearing noon. Clato looked and then bid me goodbye, but I still followed him home, and then said goodbye. I rushed home to find my father and my two brothers on the doorstep, looking very stern.

"Hello," I said, sensing I was in trouble. " How is everyone?"

"Where have you been, young lady?" asked Omarion, fighting back a grin.

"We nearly had the Peacekeepers looking for you" said Abel, sniggering.

"We're kidding! Come in, kiddo!" shouted Dad, excited. "We've got to get you looking pretty for those Capitol people, haven't we, boys?" He was almost estatic now.

They made me a warm bath in our basin tub, and gave me apple scented shampoo, which we normally find in the orchard. Next they combed through my red locks, and scrubbed me down. Lastly, and most precious of all, he gave me my mother's lilac frilly dress and her Apple and Arrow pin. I then saw the boy's all dressed up, and laughed.

My laughing stopped when I began to line up. The Peacekeepers pricked my fingers, and identified me. I was then sent to the twelve year old girls at the front. Clato stood opposite me, looking as frightened as ever. My brothers also looked scared. I'd never seen them like this, which made me more nervous.

Jamal Asdort walked up to the stage. He's our district's escort for the tributes. Now for the boring bit; they showed a 2 hour video about the Dark Days and why we have the Hunger Games. I think we've learnt our lesson by now; after 33 years.

"OK, ladies first!" Jamal boomed chirply. He sifted through the pile and picked out a name. I closed my eyes.

"The first tribute for the 33rd annual Hunger Games is... Tamar Mamet!"




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