The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


19. 19)

Shakily, Petra begins to climb up the tree. She looks in no fit state to do so, but she's the smallest of the tributes below me, so she has to. This is going to be easy, I thought. I could just push her out of the tree. She climbs the tree rapidly, and just as she reaches my ankle, I stamp on her hand. Petra howls and lets go. I kick her down just for good measure.

Petra lands with a horrifying crunch. A cannon goes for her a minute after. Aamina and Tetra look dumbstruck. Four tributes left. And two of them are standing below me. If I could get a direct hit... then there would only be the boy from 3 left. He might prove difficult to find, but I'm pretty sure the Gamemakers would be able to draw up both in to the Cornucopia, as that's what they've done in previous years.

It seems Tetra and Aamina are trying to figure out whether to flee or try and kill me in the tree. I doubt they will try to kill me up here. Whilst, I'm waiting, I eat a rabbit leg, almost as if I'm teasing them. They do look rather hungry... probably because the Careers don't actually know how to hunt properly. 

"What are you waiting for?" I jeer at them. "Come and get me!"

Aamina seems to take this to heart, and aims her bow and arrow at me again. She misses three times more, using up the remainder of her arrows. I stow the arrows in my pack, as they may come in handy. Tetra looks furious.

"Who's gonna save you now, 7?" snarled Tetra. "Your brother's not here to save you any more!" 

"The boy from 6 killed him, didn't he?" snapped Aamina.

"We saw it happen..." says Tetra with a nasty grin.


"Why would we do that? I want to win just as much as you do!" hissed Tetra.

"I don't even want to win, I have nothing left back home," I say, sadly.

Aamina obviously feels a bit of remorse for me. But Tetra looks confused.

"Then why don't you just DIE?!" he shouts. 

"Because I'm afraid," I whisper. 

Just as Aamina and Tetra look at each other, I know this is my chance. I jump to the next tree, and began to hop from oak to oak, almost flying. The people below me begin cursing and screaming, and run after me, but I am too far ahead.

They won't find me! I am barely mortal, fleeing from these people. Finally, I am alive! In the distance, I can hear Aamina and Tetra shouting at each other. Suddenly, there is a high-pitched scream, and a minute later, a cannon fired. Tetra must have over-powered Aamina, as Tetra is a lot bigger than Aamina, and could have killed her a long time ago.

Three tributes left. Me, Tetra and the boy from three. How long have I been here? Two weeks? A month? It could be any amount of time. The sponsorship prices must be through the roof by now, and I doubt I'll get any sponsors any more.

From below, I hear Tetra cursing under his breath, looking around, and then heading in the opposite direction to where I went. Maybe I can win this, for real now. The boy from 3... could be anywhere in this vast arena, and I can't think where he could have been hiding all of this time. From what I remember, he's a scrawny boy, around the same age as me. He didn't look like a survivor.

But, everyone changes when they get inside the arena.

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