The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


18. 18)

This can't be true. It just can't. If I go back to District 7, I'll be all alone. No- I'll have Clato, but apart from him, who else? Alone in the Victor's Village, a large house that I don't even want any more. I thought, if I could get home, even without Omarion, I could live with at least one brother and my dad. Now, I have no one.

The Capitol must have murdered them. It's the only possible explanation. My father wouldn't die from grief, he'd be involved in a fight or... something. Abel would certainly not be swinging an axe around! He was always careful when wielding an axe. Therefore, the Capitol murdered them. 

But why?

The anthem blares and the Capitol seal is in the sky. The girl from 5 that I killed earlier is up there, and also the boy from 10. That's the other person who must've died trying to get his pack.

I know I must get to sleep soon, as it does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget how to live. Eventually, I drift off, feeling rather cold and lonely. I awake the next morning at around midday. No one has raided my supply stash, and I'm also concealed by a large clump of surrounding trees. I decide this will be my hideout for the remainder of the Games. Because now, I'm determined to win.

There are only five tributes left. I could make it home. I've killed half of the competitors in these Games, who says I can't take out another four? I'm a murderer already, so who's to say taking more people out is just as bad?

No one can stop me! Not any more! My dad and my two brothers are dead, and there's no one to make me feel ashamed that I killed around 10 or more innocent children. Well, Clato might, but the teachers and other children at my school would fear me. Maybe I won't have to go back to school. Most victors don't. They don't want other kids staring and whispering to each other about them. Neither do I. I feel bad enough as it is, without another 30 kids whispering about how I killed other tributes. They wouldn't understand what it's like, to try to survive each day without being murdered. One day, a few of them will.

I turn over in my sleeping bag, to try to get into a comfortable position, but I can't manage it. Tossing and turning, I finally drift off, before I am awoken suddenly, by the snapping of twigs. Snap. Snap. Snap.

They're coming, I thought. They are coming to kill me. Tetra and Petra, I bet. As quiet as I can be, I move a branch out of my view so I can see who is hunting me. I can't seen very well, as dawn has only just broke. I see three silhouettes below me. Yes, Petra and Tetra are there, accompanied by Aamina and another boy, who must be from 3. 

Perhaps, I could take one of them out, and no one would notice, because the first few rays of sunshine are coming through the trees. I would lose a knife, but it might be worth it.

"Stop!" says Aamina. "I think I heard her," The foursome twist and turn round and round, searching for me. I just hope they don't climb this tree. Silently and quickly, I untangle myself from the sleeping bag and tuck it in my pack. I stuff the smaller packs, with the numbers on, into my large, original pack. The knives, I tuck into my inside pockets.

Immediately, I flee. Leaping from tree to tree, proved less difficult than I imagined. It felt like I was flying. After an hour of jumping, I became tired, and came to rest in a tall oak. Not bothering to unroll the sleeping bag, I attach myself to the tree and drift off into an uneasy sleep. My dreams are filled with ghosts of people I've lost and can't quite reach. I wake up screaming.

This is a terrible move, I think. Anyone might've heard that and someone could be on their way to kill me! Aamina, Petra and Tetra were probably nearby... 

In the distance I can hear shouts and whoops. They've found me. They'll circle me, because I've got Petra's and Tetra's packs at the feast. Petra does look rather ill, and she's not as quick as Aamina and Tetra. I almost feel sorry for her. Maybe she ate something raw, or the wrong type of berries.

"We've got you now, 7!" shouts Aamina, rather insanely. At least she doesn't remember my name.

"I could kill you all in a second," I scream.

"As if!" says Tetra, menacingly. "You don't have any weapons!"

"Oh yeah?" I mutter. Aamina aims her bow and arrow at my head. From what I remember, her aim isn't the best. She shoots it into the tree trunk, at least 50 centimetres away from her target.



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