The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


17. 17)

A few days had passed again, and there had been no deaths. These games were verging on boring, unless there was a fight of some sort going on in the ruins. I was terrified, as the Gamemakers could attack at any moment. I'm more scared of the Gamemakers of the actual tributes, but I can't tell anyone that.

Suddenly, trumpets began to blare in the arena. It's Vale Undecim, welcoming all of the tributes to a feast at the Cornucopia. I mean, we all need something of importance, so I might as well go there. There's a risk of me dying there, but it might be a chance that I could take out a few other tributes. All I know is that there will definitely be someone in the sky tonight, as feasts always end with a death. Maybe, the Games will end today. 

The feast is due to start at dawn tomorrow, so I'd better get going- and fast. Dusk is setting in quickly, and I wouldn't dare travel alone at night. I find a nice sturdy tree, after 4 hours of trekking, and decide to camp out there. Risky as it is, I made a fire, and threw a knife into a squirrel. I picked the squirrel clean and climbed into my sleeping bag...

I wake up with a jolt. It's almost dawn! I've probably missed the feast! Luckily I wasn't too far away, so I scramble down and run straight for the Cornucopia. I'm in the middle of the clearing, when I realise I'm too early. There was no feast-yet. Other tributes will have spotted me, and thought how stupid I am.

If I go back now they'll find me easily. Instead, making out it was my plan all along, I sneak into the Cornucopia. Inside there, was the girl from 5. She jumped and tried to scramble out of my way, but I sent a knife straight into her heart. The girl sank to the ground and died. Her cannon fired two minutes later. I couldn't see any other tributes approaching me, so I was safe for now. 

The sun was almost fully up in the sky, and there was still no feast. Then, all around me, the ground shook, and I thought it was another earthquake. Alas, the table with six backpacks, all different colours, with a different number embroidered on the back. 

A large blue pack with a black '7' on the back was meant for me. But I could take other tributes packs as well. I could take the red one with a black '4' on the back, which is obviously meant for Tetra...

My legs carry me, as I grab, not one, not two but three packs. The third one is grey with a black '2'. Swinging, all three packs on my back I run back to where I made camp this morning. Another cannon fires, meaning someone probably killed someone out of anger. I'm obviously too far away from the Cornucopia to spot the hovercraft, but I could hear the mockingjay whistles, warning something bad was coming. 

My camping spot has been left untouched; I had left the sleeping bag and my original pack in the tree, and it was still there. Quickly, I tidied all my stuff away into the original pack and set off once more. I have no idea where I'm going. I could go anywhere in this vast arena. The woods is the safest place to stick to, as I can easily scale trees, and fight enemies, as I have already done. My ankle, isn't too bad to walk on nowadays, but I still stumble and fall at least once an hour.

After four hours of stumbling through the thicket of trees, I arrive back at the place where I killed the boy from 6. Here, I decide, would be the place where I would make camp. I climb up the same tree I leapt from, and settle on the fork. Now, I have four packs (including my original one), so I sort them out in the tree.

Inside the red pack, meant for Tetra, there is a large package, which happens to have a sleeping bag inside. He must be freezing at night! The small grey pack, meant for Petra, has a vial of medicine. She could be dying out there... but I'm one step closer to home. Someone else died at the Cornucopia, apart from the girl from 5. It could've been anyone.

In my pack there is a letter, and a cooking pot. I tear open the letter and read it thoroughly.

Dear Miss Tamar,

We regret to inform you that your brother has died-

I already know Omarion died! They should stop reminding me.

-under mysterious circumstances with an axe in District 7. Also, a few hours later, your father passed away from grief. We will hold a funeral for both Abel and Godric after the Games have been held.

Yours faithfully,

President Barber.

This can't be right. They must've made a mistake. My eldest brother and my father- a strong willed man, who would never pass away from grief- dead?

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