The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


16. 16)

I know now what I must do. What Abel's message meant: kill District 6. It would be quite easy, but I couldn't remember what the boy looked like. He's older than me, at least 14+, but how much older. I can't remember a single thing about him; his training score, his opening ceremony costume, his interview, none of it.

Hopefully, he'll be hunting me down, so I don't have to come to him. My ankle is still weak, and I can't walk far on it without collapsing. 

"COME ON THEN!" I shout at the top of my lungs. "COME AND GET ME! COME AND FIGHT ME, YOU COWARD!" 

In the distance, I can hear rustling and angry snarls. As fast as I can, I scale the nearest tree and wait for him. I don't go up the tree too far, because I have a plan. The branches around me conceal me from his view. 

10 minutes later, he arrives in the clearing. 

"Where are you?" he says softly. "Come out, child, I won't hurt you..."

Silently, I crept down a few branches. Soon he would come into range of my tree. I could jump on his back and slit his throat. He circled the clearing. He had a large knife in his hand. Suddenly, he turned his back on me as he was next to my tree. I knew this was my only chance.

I lunged at him, and landed on his back. He shrieked in terror, just before I slit his throat and he collapsed in a heap beneath me. Quickly, I scrambled off of him, just as he began coughing up blood, and died. His cannon went off immediately. 

I ran up the tree, as the hovercraft came and took his lifeless body away. Seventeen tributes down, seven to go. There were only a handful of us left now, which means all of us will have less and less sponsors. What could buy you a meal on Day 1 would buy you a piece of bread on Day 14.

The gnawing in my stomach became more apparent as I rushed away from the murder scene. It was nearing dusk, so I knew I couldn't hunt at this time of night. I set up three snares in the hope it would catch a rabbit or squirrel, as I find a nearby tree and nestle down in my sleeping bag. 

Fatigue overtook me as I plunged into a deep sleep. It was late morning by the time I had awoken. Nothing had been caught in my snares, but I remembered that I had the cake from Abel and dad. The cake was good, filled with such delicacies as chocolate and sweets. This must have cost loads of money, from about 30-40 sponsors altogether. I don't understand why people, who can't afford to feed their own sons and daughters would give up money to get me food here in the arena. It just doesn't make sense.

It was a long time before I finally got out of my sleeping bag. I just couldn't force myself to get up. There was no point anyway, everyone knew I was dangerous to come near. Hastily, I scoffed some of the cake, and scampered down the tree with my belongings. 


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