The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


14. 14)

For two days now I had been wandering the ruins. For two days there had been no deaths. This meant the Gamemakers would make something happen, and it could be to anyone. I still felt guilty about leaving her brother and Farah alone in the cave, but it wasn't my fault that Farah couldn't climb! 

Apart from those two, there were eight other tributes to contend with. Most of them had good skills when it came to surviving, coming from the poorest Districts and all. Tetra and Petra were the last two Careers left. Upala. And there were five I couldn't remember at all. 

My supplies were still running high, but water was the only thing that was running low. This meant I would have to return to the forest and face the other tributes. Whoever they were, or what state they were in. 

I began to walk east towards the sun, because she was sure the forest was that way. My own guilt was tripping me up. Omarion was surely dead. Farah would have left him to die. Or he had died two days ago. I tried not to think of that as I staggered east in search of water, chewing on my remaining rabbit as I went.

Finally, after another day of trekking, only stopping to look for potential predators and to eat, I had made it to the edge of the ruins. I took a step inside. I-I must have set off some sort of pressure pad, because suddenly there was a loud rumble and the earth around me began to shake. 

The first two trees that fell in front of me I dodged, but with the third I wasn't as lucky. My left leg got trapped beneath a large branch and I toppled to the ground. My ankle must have broke, but the ground was still shaking and things were still falling all around me. 

Eventually, I wriggled my leg free from the branch. I tried to stand on my left ankle and collapsed. The ground beneath me was still trembling and I knew I had to get away. I began crawling on my arms and knees towards the depths of the forest. 

Surely this was it. This would be where I died. Another tribute would find me easily and slaughter me. Or I would be found by a hungry dog. 

Another tribute did find me. He called out my name.

"TAMAR!" he shouted. "TAMAR!" 

It was my brother Omarion. I must have been closer to his cave then I had thought. A few hundred metres. That's all I had to crawl. Scuffling, with my mouth full of dirt and blood, I made it to the mouth of the cave. 

The ground had stopped rumbling now. It must have been made by the Gamemakers, as no ground in Panem would go on rumbling for that amount of time. Cursing as I went, I dragged myself next to Omarion and smiled weakly.

"H-how have you been?" I said, wincing as Omarion had brushed my ankle.

"Awful. Farah was stung by the tracker jackers, so she died. That was two days ago. I heard another cannon go off during the earthquake, so I thought it might have been you!" he mumbled.

"So, seven left then?" I said. I was rather happy that Farah had died. Neither of us wanted to kill her. But, if I worked with Omarion, he might end up killing himself, because I would never... would I? No, Dad and Abel would be rather angry if I came home.

"You know what, Omarion?" I said, as rain began to fall. "I think we could make it. To the end!" 

"I'm not going to kill you if it comes to it," he said, miserably. "I would hide out in the forest until something found me,"

"The Gamemakers might draw us together, make us kill each other," I muttered. The cameras wouldn't be on us now, as we were talking about the outside world, and that was generally frowned upon by the Capitol viewers. They'd be showing the person whom had died, whoever that may be. 

"D'you know who died out there?" asked Omarion.

"No idea," I whispered. Secretly, I hope it's Petra or Tetra. It could be anyone.... Aamina! It could be Aamina! I had completely forgotten her! 

"Omarion," I whispered. "I'm going to go hunt, because of your leg-"

"I have got sponsors, Tamar," he snapped. "They gave me medicine and it was mended after a day." His voice then became softer. "Besides, you were nearly killed. Get some rest,"

"But-" I pleaded

"Hush!" he whispered. He left me with the sleeping bag and most of the supplies, only taking two knives and some beef with him. Quickly, I settled in the black bag and instantly fell into a deep sleep, knowing my brother would be back soon to watch over me...

I was awoken by the anthem. The Capitol seal would be in the sky. Stealthily, I crawled out of my bed to take a look at who had died this morning.

But... he shouldn't be up there. Why was he up there? He can't be... he shouldn't be....

"OMARION!" I screeched out into the night. "NO!" 

He-he must have been killed by a fellow tribute. Or ripped apart. Or he could have fallen- stop thinking about him. Stop. HOW THE HELL DID HE DIE.

Tears slid down my face so fast I was blinded. After Omarion's face, Upala appeared. She must have died this morning.

I dragged myself back into the cave. My whole body was numb with shock. He couldn't be dead. Maybe they were wrong! Maybe he was pretending to be dead! But, of course he couldn't be.

My body was shaking with sadness. I couldn't help it. He was my brother after all. I was vulnerable. Anyone could come along and kill me at this moment. I don't care if they do. It would be  better than  facing District 7 alone.

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