The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


13. 13)

Twigs snapped all around us. I realised they weren't staring at me, but outside. From the distance, I can hear snarls of hungry wolves. Mutts. They couldn't put real wolves in here, as the Capitol can't control real wolves. They don't tame them or anything though; they just programme them to kill and destroy.

"We have to move; now." I say abruptly. Farah looks unsure, but Omarion knows we have to. Together, me and Farah have to half carry half drag Omarion to the small cave in the woods. Luckily, it only takes 20 minutes to get there, so it's ok.

The bad thing is, that Farah doesn't know how to, and Omarion can't, climb a tree. Quickly, I get them two settled into the cave. Then I climb a sturdy oak tree. Or, at least, I think it's an oak tree; I can't tell what it is, all I know is that I'm climbing it.

The wolves must have been quite far away, because they arrive, teeth baring, drooling less than an hour when I get settled into the tree, with all 3 packs behind my head. Although my sleeping bag is black, the wolves notice my red hair sticking out of the top. They form a pack formation, and almost looking like they are nodding, before they pounce.

One wolf comes up level with my branch. I count how many there is: 5. Not many for a pack of wolves. I get scared. What if they smell Omarion's blood and attack the cave? Suddenly, as if a switch has been flicked, it gets dark. Pitch black. Well, almost,apart from the eerie moon in the sky. Another source lights the sky-yet again.

The Seal of Panem lights the sky for the third night. Dario and Rania. Yet, I keep thinking that my face will be in the sky for the fourth night. Then, I realise. The wolves. They've lost interest in me. They're heading towards Omarion's cave.

They must have smelt his blood! The snarls of the mutts must have been heard for miles, because they were loud and clear here. From a distance, I could hear more shrieks and shouts from other tributes. Upala comes into view. And Tetra.

Anger comes to the surface before fear takes its place; what could've driven them towards the wolves?  What is more scary than being eaten alive? More tributes come storming our way. Perhaps to confuse the mutts. Instead of staring at the mutts, they run straight past them.

The mutts luckily found these people more interesting, and bounded after the screams and shouts. What came after was worse; tracker jackers. A low hum seemed to fill the arena. I saw their golden bodies come round the corner...

"OMARION!" I screamed. I raced down the tree and threw two close-to empty packs at them. Having taken the largest red pack, which was filled with everything but the sleeping bag. The sleeping bag!

As quick as I could, I grabbed the sleeping bag from my tree and ran away. I couldn't risk my life saving anything else, as the tracker jackers seemed to be more interested in chasing Tetra and Upala. But... Omarion. Tracker jackers would have found him by now. 

A cannon went off. It could've been anyone, I thought to herself, as I trekked through the ruins of the town. There were 10 people left now, it could've been anyone...




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