The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


11. 11)

"Why?" I say.

"Because I want to win. Just as much you do. I needed to go with them to win, not with the younger children. But, I was the one who suggested you join us. There." he says, whilst still staring into the fire. It's flames danced around the pot that held our breakfast. Eventually, all of the Careers joined us, to discuss our plans for the day.

"Ok," says Dario. "We need to search for 7's brother, so then we can hunt for weaklings." He gives a cruel laugh.The other's join him. I am sure this is directed at me. It doesn't bother me, keep me up at night, but angers me. The next chance I get, I will swipe one of them with a knife, and throw them into the woods, pretending they were killed by mutts.

How cruel I have become.

We decide to search for him in the woods, as that's where he's more likely to be. Then, we split up into 2 search parties; me, Tetra and Aamina and Dario, Petra and Rania. Our party headed east. The rest of my team found out that I can hunt, so we gathered three squirrels and a rabbit. Aamina was good at setting up snares, so we set up 10 to catch more food. I don't tell them about the things I found in my pack. Don't want to share them.

After 3 hours of walking, we begin to get restless. And bored. Suddenly, in the distance, I see a twitching up in a tree. This tree was definetly large enough for my brother to climb and he is the largest competitor left that isn't a Career.

"Wait here," I tell the others. Slowly, I edge up to the tree and look up. Above me, I see a young man. A dishevelled young man, nonetheless, but a man. Omarion slides down from the tree and grins. His grin quickly withdraws when he sees my teammates come out from the shadows.

"Look,"I begin."They wanted me, I never wanted to really join them, but it's our best chance in survival."I say in a low whisper."Final 10 and we're out of here." He nods. "This is Tetra and Aamina." I say, pointing to them. Omarion gives his winning smile at both of them.

Tetra and Aamina head west to find Dario, Petra and Rania. My least favourite people. I was wrong in thinking I liked Rania. She is just rude. And grumpy. But we do think a like. Anyway, me and Omarion head back to the Cornucopia, where our camp is, to find one small tribute sitting by our fire, roasting her rabbit on our fire.

"Hey," I say. She freezes."Don't worry, we're not going to hurt you." She relaxes a little, but still keeps on guard. We come closer to her and sit on the log opposite.

"Hi," she says weakly. "I'm Farah. You're Tamar and you're Omarion from 7. You're both so famous in these Games, it's unbelieveable."

"No way," says Omarion. " What district are you?"

"12." Wow. Poor her. The poorest district in Panem. Whilst we learn how to lumber, they sit around and wait. Apparently, they don't go into the coal mines until they're 18, which is almost too late for the Games.

"I have an idea," I say. "But it's going to be risky." We strip the Careers camp bare. Every last scrap of food, pack, waterskin, anything, gone. We grab it all and run to the ruins of the streets. Omarion spots a small building, where we can make camp, a few miles away from the Career's. The trek there is long and hard, but luckily the Careers have kept loads of stock in their packs; we eat roasted rabbit for lunch, the one that Farah cooked.

Finally, we made it. It was just getting dark by the time we got there. I felt like a daredevil, nicking all of the Careers supplies and using it for our own. As soon as I nestled into my sleeping bag, I fell asleep. In the dead of the night, I hear screams and shouts coming from the Careers camp. I grin broadly, and see my brother and Farah doing the same.

The Seal of Panem arrives in the sky. The boy from 12 appears in the sky. Farah looks sad, and then I realise it's her district partner.

At least we stole everything before we cleared out. But we'll have to keep on moving, otherwise they'll find us. For now, we're good here. Farah looks quite pretty in her sleep, considering she's in the Hunger Games. Covered in dirt and grime, but she can't be any older than 13. She's only 2 or 3 inches taller than me.

I must have fallen asleep on my watch, as when I wake up the sky is pink and orange. I hear a muffled noise, and I whip around.

Omarion wakes up a short time after me. He drags me and my sleeping bag closer to him and we snuggle for a while. I'm half expecting Abel and father to come in with us. That's when the silver parachute arrives. It lands just outside the mouth of our building. Cautiously, I venture towards it. Inside it there's nothing. I'm puzzled.

Then, I realise. They all attack at once. Half of the Careers are here, and ready to kill. I take out Rania straight away with a knife. Tetra and Dario, although they have no weapons, they can easily kill with their fingers. A cannon blasts. Rania is gone. Omarion and Farah have come out to help now. Omarion disarms Dario, letting him fall to the ground. Immediatly, Dario gets up and grabs my knife, out of Rania, and punctures my brother's leg. Out of anger, I fling a knife into Dario's heart. Now I let him fall to the ground. A cannon fires for him too. Tetra has already fled, but not before I stick an arrow into his arm.




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