The 33rd Hunger Games

Tamar Mamet and her own brother, battle it out to become the last one standing.


10. 10)

The other 5 Careers looked dumbstruck. How could a 12 year old kill the biggest competitor in the Games? I began to grab a green pack and a red pack, for my brother, when they came up to me. Frozen to the spot, I stood as still as I could, hoping they wouldn't notice me. All 5 of them came up to me.

Tetra? Why was he there? I thought we had an agreement. I thought he was on my side. Evidently not. The Careers continued towards me. I drew out my knife. They didn't draw theirs. Confused, I took 2 steps towards them. They came over. One of them, from District 1, scooped me up and carried me over to the Cornucopia.

A cannon blasted. Then 9 more followed it. 10 dead. 14 more to go.

"We'd like to ask you a favour," began the girl from District 4. I frowned.

"Would you like to join us?" asked the boy from 1, the one who picked me up.

"On one condition..." I say. "We get my brother". An unlikely deal.

"Yeah, why not, he looks strong." says the girl from 2. I felt kind of sorry for her. I did just kill her district partner. The only thing I still couldn't figure out was why they would want the smallest and youngest tribute in the whole Games. Straight away, the Careers get up and pick around the weapons. They give me most of the knives. I tuck them into my jacket.

I make a pact with myself; as soon as it gets to the final 8 or 9, I'm out of here. I feel weary of these Careers;like I could be stabbed at a momets notice; but I am faster than them. But, I'm more angry at Tetra, who went with the Careers straight away, abandoning our agreement. At least we agreed to find my brother first, which will give us a group of 7. I may leave when we're down to 10 people, then.

Today has been a bloodthirsty day, so the Gamemakers should leave us alone during the night. It begins to get dark, so we settle down to make camp. Inside one of the larger purple packs, we find a tent. The girls decide to let the boy's have the tent,seeing as there's less of them. We make a fire and drag some logs beside it to sit on.

"Hey," I say, cautiously. The three girl's heads turn like dolls. "Why did you let me into your group?"

"Well, before the Games begun, we decided we wanted you, because you're strong, and you killed Hunter." says the girl from 1.

" I hope I dont come across as rude, but , what are your names?"

"I'm Aamina" says the girl from 1. "My district partner is Dario."

"Petra. My partner's Hunter, the one you killed." says the girl from 2.

"Rania. Partner's Tetra." grunted the girl from 4. I think I liked her the most. She thought the same thing as me; we've learnt our lesson now!

One by one the girl's fell asleep. Before I did, I clamboured up a tree. Gladly, I had the chance to sort through my supplies in the green pack. A sleeping bag. A piece of 2m long rope. A torch. A waterskin that's bone dry. A small piece of what looks like groosling. In the red one, there was a sleeping bag and a torch, but there was more food, like cheese and chicken and rice. I put all of these supplies into the green pack, the larger of the two. The red one is stuffed into the green pack too.

I climb into my sleeping bag, then have the sense to strap myself in with the rope. Don't really fancy falling on top of the girls below. Behind my head is my pack, so I know where it is. Dehydration hasn't set in yet, because there's a lake on the boundary of the woods, where we can refill.

The seal of Panem bursts into the sky. They show the people who have died today. Hunter appears in the sky first. Eartha. Poor Eartha. Dead in a day. Boy from 5. Girl from 6. Both from 8. Both from 9. Girl from 10. And the boy from 11.

I am awoken the next morning by the sound of a cannon fire. Below me, I see one boy sitting on the logs beside a roaring fire. As my eyes come into focus, I see the boy is Tetra. Although I am angered by his disloyalty, I go and join him. As quietly as I could, slid down the tree and flopped on the floor. I scrambled back up, repacked my stuff, and slid down again.

He still stared into the abyss.




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