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my name is skylar green, people call me skye for short. I'm an average teenage girl. I'm 17 almost 18. I don't always do the best at school, in fact I don't bother with school. I know I should and it would be better for me but honestly I don't care. But my mum does...  so one day my mum decided to punish me with an.……… 

Read more to find out x :) 


1. You cause the trouble you get the punishment. ~ I knew you were trouble…

Skye's pov

It was just an average school day. It's almost coming into the holidays and well I'm happy for that!! 

I walk into class and once again, I am late.. I cant really help it if I'm late. I really hate school and I couldn't care less at what grades I got. But the only problem with that is... Well, my mum cares.. Ever since my dad died my mother has been a complete bitch to me all because of her "fantastic" new boyfriend. All She cares about is … absolutely everything like my grades, my attendance, my attitude ( but I'll never change that until the day I die), but absolutely  Everything! including her boyfriend. 

I sit down at the back of the class with my headphones in. No one dares to go near the back or near my seat. Only my best friends do.  Which is good I guess.  


Mr A: skylar green. Get those earphones out of your ears and pay attention. You were late to class now listen. 
Skye: what if i dont. Any way  what are you going to do about it huh? 
Mr A: i will send you to the principles office right now. 
Skye: make me
Mr A: NOW!!!!
Skye: take a chill pill geez
Mr A: get out 
Skye: without a worry 

I got up from my seat with my books and my phone in my hand. I head over to the principles office after my  teacher started yelling at me to get out. 


Skye: sup Simon. 
Principle: well I'd appreciate you not calling me by my first name thanks miss skylar green. 
Skye: yeah no. You don't do anything for me but get me into trouble. 
Principle: well you cause the trouble you get the punishment. 
Skye: whatever. 
Kate(skylars mother): what's wrong now? 
Skye: nothing
Principle: actually mrs green. Skylar has being talking back to her teachers but also has been late to all of her classes for the past two weeks. 
Kate: oh, well I'm sorry. I'm sure I can work something out. 
Skye: like what mother? 
Kate: I'll talk to you later skylar. 
Principle: well I'm sorry mrs green but if skylar is late to her classes or talks back to her teachers, actually anything that is out of school rules again . Skylar will be suspended for one month which has never been done before and will be required to repeat this year with perfect grades. 
Kate: oh ok well I'm sure she won't do it again now will she?
Skye: whatever! 
Principle: well skylar you are on a 2 week suspension. 
Skylar&kate: WHAT? 
Principle: I am terribly sorry but skylar you have broken the rules several times and as I said before. You cause the trouble you get the punishment. 
Skye: urgh you asswhole *under her breath. *
Principle: you may leave now. 


Skylars pov

To be honest I don't give a shit what happens with school. Its only school I guess. 

I walk out of the principles office and walk to the car when I sat down I  stared out of the window to avoid contact with my mother. 


Kate: why do you always do this
Skye: do what? 
Kate: You know what you did and when we get home you can go to your room and study. 
Skye: for what? I'm not even at school. Why should I study? Not like I do anyway. 
Kate: actually you Have exams coming up. 
Skye: Urghh 


Skye's pov 

Urgh why is my mum such a bitch. She knows I don't study so what's the point of me going to my room to "study" urgh. 

 we finally came to a sudden stop I jumped out of the car and  slammed the car door  after continuously arguing with my mum about studying and that I did nothing wrong. I ran up to my room still yelling at my mum. 

When i got to my room i slammed the door calling my mum a bitch. I plopped down on my bed thinking to my self. Why do I have to do this?, I'm not that bad..., I wonder what's going to happen for the next few weeks?? 

5hourslater. ~ 4:30pm

Kate: skylar Jane green. Please get dressed. We have guests coming over in an hour please dress nice. 
Skye: who are they?
Kate: friends. You've known them since you were born. But we haven't seen them for ages
Skye: oh um okay....

I switched the music on and played it loud, so when I got into the bathroom to take a shower and get ready I could hear it loud and clear. 

I jumped out of the shower, dried myself off and got dressed (post link later). I applied lite makeup and left my hair out to dry naturally, I looked in the mirror one last time until I was satisfied.  I walked downstairs to see  someone standing there staring at me. He looked familiar but I couldn't remember where from, so I just ignored and and walked down


Jay: hey skylar, my oh my, you've grown up so much!
Skye: hey, I haven't seen you guys for ages 

Skye's pov 

The boy was really cute, I wonder who he is. They know me but I don't remember them... 


Skye: *I walk past my mum and whisper in her ear,* who are they?
Kate: ah, you don't remember them?
Skye: yes mum, that's why I asked you who they were.
Kate: well I'm sorry, I'm surprised, you and Louis were like inseparable. You have known them since you were born!
Skye: so um, why are they here?
Kate: you'll see but also catch up :)


We all sat at the dinner table, just talking until dinner was ready, once dinner was put down we ate. 

We all were having a great time just chatting away. Louis and I were talking for a while just to catch up. 

As everyone was just about done with dinner. My mum (kate) stood up and hit her fork on her wine glass to make catch everybody's attention. Jay stood up as well and stood next to my mum (Kate) 

Kate: well everybody… Johanna and I have a big surprise and big news for you all. 
Jay: well Louis, you've been bad, but you can get better. I love you to bits and I can't help but say, that what we are going to say that you have no say in it what so ever and that's the same with you miss skylar. 
Kate: I don't know what to say but, you haven't picked up what I've said to you last time you were suspended. But Johanna and I have worked out a plan that will work, Louis is getting better at his bad behaviors and you, well still haven't. He could teach you something plus you've known him since you were born. So we are letting you know that we have set you two up for an arranged marriage…

~ writers note*~ this is my new story please read and let me know what you think, also in my stories it does change perspectives so I'm sorry about that.… but 2+ comments or favs or likes thanks xo.
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