Grumbly and Mark

A poetic story.



4. The Reunion

One day when Grumbly was hiring people for his company,

He met a man who looked doleful and melancholy.

(Grumbly started interviewing him)

Grumbly: What is your name?

Mark: I am the boy you defeated in a cricket game

(Grumbly carefully observed the man’s features. He was Mark without a doubt)

Grumbly: Oh My God! It’s you at last!

Mark: Yes, many years have passed.

Grumbly: Why do you look so sad?

Mark: I feel like an absolute loser. At everything I am bad.

Grumbly:  Oh come on, each one of us has some talent.

Mark: All my talents seem to be latent.

Grumbly: Do you know, you made me?

Mark: Huh!!!! How can that be?

Grumbly: You do remember the cricket match when you bowled and I did bat?

Mark: Yes, I how can I forget that? I left feeling very sad.

Grumbly: You gave me the first taste of success man!

Mark: Well that precisely was my plan!

Grumbly: I’m afraid, I don’t understand.

Mark: You looked very sad. I wanted to make you feel grand.

Grumbly: What urged you to do that?

Mark: Don’t know why, but I had seen you bat.

Grumbly: But I wasn’t very good at that.

Mark: Lack of confidence was your problem, I could sense that.

Grumbly: How did you guess that I would hit a six of every ball?

Mark: Ha-ha! Because I didn’t know how to bowl!

Grumbly: Oh My God!!!!!! God! You were humiliated!

Mark: That’s why Mr. Entrepreneur, in front of you I am seated.

Grumbly: What do you mean?

Mark: I felt defeated and gave up my dreams.

Grumbly: Well, from now on you’ll never regret what you did.

Mark: Can you be a little more lucid?

            Does that mean that I have been selected?

Grumbly: The Director of this company, you’ve been appointed.

Mark: I can’t find words to express my gratitude.

Grumbly: My dear friend, you’ve been rewarded for your solicitude.



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