Grumbly and Mark

A poetic story.



3. The Cricket Match

Grumbly hit a six of every ball,

Everyone in the park was enthralled.

For the first time in his life,

Grumbly experienced a sense of pride.

The poor lad, had never tasted success before that,

Other children gaped, as they watched him bat.

Mark was humiliated,

He left the park feeling defeated.

Grumbly was relishing his success,

He didn’t care about Mark’s distress.

After this, Grumbly started working very hard,

He now wanted to be clever and smart.

All the school work, he happily did,

And soon became a star kid.

Grumbly continued going to the park,

But he never met or even missed Mark.

The boy who was indirectly responsible for all his fame,

Never came back to play a game.

Years later when Grumbly became a successful man,

He often pondered over the divine plan.

That game had changed his destiny,

And Mark remained his life’s greatest mystery.


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